Coming Over The Top? Here’s One Session With MCS…

before-afterI had a session today with a Wax reader, Richard, who is a pretty good player to begin with, with a single-digit handicap at his club.

Richard (big, big Ben Hogan fan, one of the first things he mentioned was last year’s Wax Golf Ben Hogan Project) first watched the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” video about a month ago, if I’m correct, and decided he wanted a little personal tuning.

His major problem being the DJ Special – a steep down swing plane, prone to coming over the top and really ruining some good rounds he’d have going.

Here’s a before pic of his 7 iron down swing:

r before


First, I gave Richard a live demonstration of just how simple the UMCS “floating pivot” is, and then we talked about the action of the “throw release” that he’s been looking for.

And after we adjust his stance line and I gave him a visual that he instantly understood with his particular way of looking at the swing (sometimes it’s a matter of giving ten different visuals for the same action, and here it was the “drop & pop” that shallows the down swing plane), he was doing this:

r after


And these were full swings actually hitting balls at a target, not just swinging and trying to replicate a particular angle.



Once Richard had the visual he needed to get that right elbow and shoulder dropping into the slot instead of coming out and around, he was off to the races:

richard 7 iron


He’s not “a big guy,” but I especially loved his tempo, even before the swing changes, and check out this impact position with his driver now:

drv imp


Notice the swing angle stick he laid down while we discussed the pivot and the driver swing.

So now Richard has some things that we discussed today, on which to work (grip, posture and arm position at address), and I imagine that handicap will be dropping!


5 thoughts on “Coming Over The Top? Here’s One Session With MCS…

  1. bigtoilet

    Tiger LAST in driving accuracy this week. Moving off the ball…..losing it right, again. Is Chris Como behind this??? I USED to have that problem, before I started listening to DJ WATTS!!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      I was explaining that exact miss to Richard the other day when we were discussing why pros miss left and then move to blowing everything right to avoid missing left…

      Tiger’s moving off the ball, that’s a big pull move, and then he drop-kicks it right to avoid the jack-hook… nothing a little work on the pivot wouldn’t solve… but I imagine that’s too easy, Tiger wants to do everything the hard way…

      Just got back from the range – wait ’til you see what I’ve got…

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