MCS – Consistency & The Swing Bottom

sw impThis wedge impact picture tells you all you need to know about why a swing model like MCS “Ultimate Leverage” gives you such consistency with your wedges through the long irons.

Especially with the wedges, when you have a model that lets you swing to the swing bottom in the same way, you quickly gain an understanding of just how consistent and accurate you can make your swing game.

Here below is a swing clip from today, where I was hitting a sand wedge to a 100 yard flag.  Notice again the “cut-off” nature of hitting the wedge versus the full swing of the Driver.

DJ’s Hits Sand Wedge


And of course, I have the same swing bottom with all of my swings, whichever club I’m swinging, so I can build consistency right into my expectations when eyeing a short club shot.

sw imp


DJ Hits Sand Wedge – Down the Line


Tom Kite was so good with his wedges that he expected to get “up and down” from anywhere within 100 yards.

That’s a lot of birdies if you have the same mentality and can build a swing to make that a realistic goal.

PSThe Driver is looking better than ever…

drv imp


6 thoughts on “MCS – Consistency & The Swing Bottom

  1. msattler2013

    I figured out something tonight, by moving the ball back in my stance with my driver I started straightening it out and just crushing it. I was playing it way too far forward before .

    1. D Watts Post author

      Excellent, msattler!

      In fact, your comment and jh32’s response have given me today’s posting on the changing of a the golf swing and the most common problem…

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