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What Does The Greatest Long Driver Ever Know That You Don’t?

jamie sadlowski topI’m speaking about Jamie Sadlowski, of course.

While he only won two Remax World Long Drive Championships, he did it while barely out of his teens, and with a frame that was 5’10” and 168 lbs…

I think the last time I was 168 lbs was in the 11th or 12th grade… and I was already 6′ tall, so even in the 11th grade, I would have been “bigger” than Jamie was when he won those titles in ’08 and ’09. Continue reading

Michelle Wie Shows How To Develop Bursitis

MichelleWieTip1Have you ever noticed how often a golfer comes down with an injury right after being featured in a magazine article on how awesome their swing is?

Like Michelle Wie, showing everyone in May’s edition of how to rip big drives… and ironically, she’s also teaching you how to develop bursitis in your hip.

Two for One Special…

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Leadbetter’s “A” Swing Gets An “F”

a swingOne of my good friends and Wax Nation memberĀ Kid Charlemagne sent me a link to the new article on David Leadbetter’s latest offering to the “Ruin My Body” industry known as modern golf instruction.

I must say that I’ve seen some shocking things over the last few years watching people trying to swing a golf club proficiently, but I was not prepared to look at what I saw before my morning coffee.

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