Wherein David Leadbetter Floats His Heel… (Updated)

leadbetterUpdate – Leadbetter has a new swing model out called the A Swing.  I give it an “F”  /update


“Hi, you might be wondering what I’m doing here…”

You think?

Perhaps no truer words ever spoken by David Leadbetter, golf instructor to the pros.

Because, that’s exactly what I was wondering, watching his bizarre tip-toe swing drill to begin the clip.

So, I don’t really have anything to offer in the way of rebutting Leadbetter’s entire swing model here, I’ve said enough about everything he’s doing.  But let me get this straight:

In order to practice swinging with power, planted-heel swingers should drill by hitting balls with a raised left heel?

And then what?

They go back to swinging planted-heel when playing and practicing on the course?

Because, why?

Never mind, here’s the video, and it leaves me speechless.

David Leadbetter Floats His Heel… For Practice…


Leadbetter is Michelle Wie’s swing coach, by the way… and you wonder why professional golfers are now coming down with back, knee and neck injuries in their 20’s, which was virtually unheard of before the modern planted-heel insanity began…



2 thoughts on “Wherein David Leadbetter Floats His Heel… (Updated)

  1. bigtoilet

    I hate golf instruction. Now that UMCS is what it is (THEE way to swing), how can I take Leadbetter, Haney, etc. seriously!?? I’m sure all of us can now plainly see what an INCREDIBLE crock ‘o s**t these “gurus” are trying to sell you.

    I’m embarrassed to be in the same industry as these pirahnas. I’m serious……..

    1. D Watts Post author

      They’ve had their chance. Now it’s time for some real kinesiology instead of snake oil and voodoo….

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