Moving Day @ The Masters – Wax Nation On Site! (Updated)

crowell & wascoUpdate: I just got off the phone with the Big Toilet who called from Augusta National.  We talked for about 20 minutes and he’s had a slight change of plans for his Sunday location:

He was going to stake out the 18th hole but the Members & guests got 1st crack and all the prime seating was gone by the time the public was allowed on the grounds.

Look for him @ the 9th hole behind the green today, white shirt & bucket hat.  He’ll be there all day, having arrived early.  He says if you take the camera line from where they’ll be playing their 2nd shots from the fairway to the green , he’ll be right behind the flag.

Masters Sunday is looking like a classic!



crowell & wascoJerry “Big Toilet” Crowell’s Saturday from the Masters report:

Arrived at 7:30am as to put our chairs down near 16 green. it’s a great place to be as you see the 2nd half of 15, 6 tee is just above, 7 tee is right behind 16 green, so lot’s of action.

We were there at 16 when Phil dropped that awesome putt and also when Spieth made birdie also. We were on the other side of the lake on 16, about 3 rows back even with the end of the bunker that is in front of the lake.

Also AMEN CORNER is just a few hundred yard away!  So – I’m eating a chicken biscuit and having a coffee near 14 tee box and this guy walks up to me and says, “Excuse me, are you Jerry Crowell?” I say “yes.” He says, “I’m DMulkey.”

BOOM – the 1st WAX nation meeting at The Masters! LOL!!

So, David, my other PGA pro buddy and I start talking DJ Watts and the awesome work he has done with the UMCS swing model.  It was great I can tell you.  Very exciting to talk with WAX Nation members when we get a chance to meet… and I’ve had a few.

David and I had no problem agreeing that the floating pivot is THEE pivot to use in scoring golf.

As far as the course today, I have a COOL story for you.  A guy that we sat next to on 16 is a friend of an Augusta member, so he got to have a late lunch IN THE CLUBHOUSE (The Founders Club)**


DJ’s Note: You can find a picture of Jerry and his friend PGA of America pro Scott Wasco online in the photo collection!

PGA of America @ The Masters – Jerry Crowell & Scott Wasco

crowell & wasco


**This is an excerpted posting. You can read the rest of the post & Big Toilet’s 2015 Masters trip at DJ’s Watering Hole, Wax Golf’s private members’ site.


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  1. chiefcowpie

    “BOOM – the 1st WAX nation meeting at The Masters! LOL!!”

    Just the beginning DJ. Future WAX Nation will have folks being fitted for Green Jackets.

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