Dustin Johnson’s Ball Speed

dustin numbersUpdated With Newer Swing Clip From June 11

I must confess, I’ll never lose that drive for the maximum distance and power, because I’ve always been a power swinger.

What I set out to figure out, around ten years ago, was how to make that power more consistent and repeatable, so that I could keep the ball in play and, even better, out of trouble with missed shots.

We all miss shots.  The game is about how playable your misses are, not how great your best shots are.

So, now that I’ve figured out the optimal golf swing model that lets a person swing according to how the human body is built to move – the MCS wing model – I’m of course back to seeing how straight and far I can drive a golf ball.

dustin numbers


Which brings me to Dustin Johnson, the PGA Tour’s strongman when it comes to power and driving.  Sure, Bubba Watson and J.B. Holmes are both long, but get this –  Dustin is currently averaging nearly 320 yards per drive, almost ten yards longer than Bubba.

That’s long…

And that takes me to Dustin’s ball speed numbers.

I can’t compare club impact speed without a more accurate measuring device than the Swing Swing Radar, which can be thrown off by the toe of the driver head, but I can compare ball speed with that device with no problems.

Looking at ball speed also shows you that Dustin Johnson at an average of 180.89 mph is a more efficient swinger, getting nearly 10 yards on average more per drive with a ball speed measurably lower than Bubba’s 184 mph average ball speed.

Dustin falls into a range between 167mph and 187mph on his measured drives, which makes sense, as his ball speed (“the hardest I can swing”) in the TaylorMade video maxes out at around 188 mph.  And that tells you something else – the pros do swing “as hard as I can” at times on the tee.

Dustin Johnson’s Ball Speed – Video

A max of 188 mph ball speed with an average of 180 means you’re swinging at 95% effort on average by these numbers.

Dustin Johnson is 30 years old, 6’3″ or 193cm in height and weighs 86 kg or 190 lbs, well into his season and in his physical prime as an elite golfer and power driver.

In contrast, I’m a 45 year old swing researcher who stands 6’1″ or 186 cm tall, weighs about 100 kg or 220 lbs and am about 25 years removed from my physical prime, and haven’t done anything in six months (since last October) with regards to regular swinging.

So, how does MCS measure up to the longest-driving pro on the PGA Tour?

DJ Hits 180+ MPH Ball Speed –  (Updated June 11)


Well, considering that was my first 2nd driving range session in 6 months, and I’m no where near my peak swing shape (that will be in a month or two, depending on how much work I can get in), I’d say the MCS technique surpasses anything found on the PGA Tour for efficiency and power production.



5 thoughts on “Dustin Johnson’s Ball Speed

  1. Dark Knight

    Incredible…..1st day out, in a hoody and your ball speed is over 180mph. WOW…This really demonstrates that you do not have to be a tallish golfer to get those type of numbers. There is hope for those of us under 6 feet tall.


    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, it only reached a high of 50 degrees that day (10 C), I had to take it easy on my first day back outside, DK… didn’t wanna hurt myself 😉

      And you’re right on the money – power and speed are about efficient and optimal leverage, not muscle power, or Tiger would be driving it 350.

      You’ve seen yourself at Goose Creek how Big Toilet gets so much out of 110-115 mph club impact speed… it’s all about the technique!

  2. buddhabob

    I would say leverage is definitely amplified by core girth and hip size and strength. Nicklaus was always an excellent example of that. At impact just how much mass are you putting behind the ball? As long as someone is pivoting correctly, I think that becomes a key variable.

    In your case DJ you have 30 lbs on Dustin. That’s significant and in boxing that kind of spread puts you in a much different weight division for a reason. A well thrown punch by a middle or light heavyweight just doesn’t even begin to compare to one thrown by a real heavyweight all things else equal.

  3. Steve in MN

    My two cents about ‘girth’ and driving it a long way. I have seen essentially no difference in distance regardless of weight. My weight has varied by 50 pounds depending on what I am training for in the gym.

    Your nervous system is key to hitting it long, not size or strength so much. Of course MCS has to be used first, after that it’s training for speed, and strength isn’t necessarily speed. That’s why Sadlowski is great, he has speed, otherwise he would be destroyed by the 6’3+, 250-300lb long drive guys.

    I am 5’10 and 190…best legit swing speeds I get on SSR are low to mid 140’s, once in a blue moon I will hit upper 140’s. When first starting to train for speed, I was 118 -120mph at best. You have to physically train for speed though if you want to hit those really higher speed numbers.

    Truth in advertising, I use the post and pivot to get those numbers, the current MCS is a bit less in the speed and more in .accuracy…sometimes I have look in odd places for my ball😂

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