Brandel Chamblee Spills The Beans – “Modern Swing Sucks”

floating heelPardon the phrasing in the title, but that’s the cold hard truth of it.

The modern swing, any model you want to choose from – if it involves a planted leading heel and restricted hips on the back swing, it is a bogus swing model.

Period.  And now, it seems the powers that be in the golf industry are loosening the reins ever so slightly to allow the analysts on TV to say the same thing.

Of course, Brandel Chamblee is the iconoclast, so he gets to break the bad news to those who’ve been breaking their backs swinging this at the behest of this same industry.

floating heel


Not much to add, as Brandel basically just hits about every point I’ve ever made about swinging planted-heel, so let’s just watch a rare moment of honesty from someone in the golf industry regarding the modern swing:

Brandel Chamblee: Don’t Swing Planted Heel



7 thoughts on “Brandel Chamblee Spills The Beans – “Modern Swing Sucks”

  1. elgolfeux

    That’s pretty sad for golf. This, in a way, confirms most of the analysts know the modern swing is bad for your body, but been told by “someone” higher than them to say it’s wonderful.

    Was really surprised by the Chamblee review, really good actually !

    1. D Watts Post author

      Now you know why the old classic swingers disappeared from Golf Channel features around the year 2000.

      Before then, there were tons of shows and features on the swings of Nicklaus, Jones, Nelson, Hogan… notice they were all classic floating heel swingers, even Hogan… and that’s why they disappeared from Golf Channel – you can’t sell crap (modern swing instruction) when you’re showing classic gold…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Steve in MN – Only problem is he goes right back yesterday and was praising Jordan’s swing mechanics. Wish they’d keep a consistent swing meme for even one day.

      Look – young Mr. Spieth is probably the best 21 year old since Tiger Woods… but that swing needs major overhauling. And that’s all I will say about it as I enjoy watching Jordan play…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Can’t argue with you, Mark.

      Nonetheless, a hearty congrats to Jordan Spieth, 2015 Masters Champion!

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