Worst-Ball 66 Becomes 74 In The Real World (Tiger Woods)

tiger pinkI don’t know if that story about Tiger Woods shooting 66 with his “worst ball” of two (and allegedly having to make every birdie putt twice for it to count – watch out for the windmill, though), was an April Fool’s thing, but it seems the cold light of reality has seeped into the tale.

Today, it seems (incredibly, how is this possible?) that Tiger is still kicking the ball around and his short game woes have returned since that possibly-better-than-his 62 score of 66 at the Medalist.

In a brief piece at GolfWeek online, we get this:

… now there are whispers about how he played Tuesday at Augusta National Golf Club.

A source told Golfweek that there was good news and bad news for Woods in what many are interpreting as a Masters tuneup.

Playing with two members, Woods did make five birdies, but there had to be plenty of lowlights because the source said Woods shot 2-over 74 and that he did hit several indifferent chips, including one that went through the green and into a bunker.

He shoulda played worst ball.

You get that?  He had 5 birdies but shot 2 over for the round.  That’s a bunch of bogeys and/or “others.”

And he chipped through a green into a bunker.

“Maybe They’ll Move The Masters To The Medalist…”

US golfer Tiger Woods stands on the 14th


How credible is that alleged 66 at Medalist sounding right about now?

You know what else jumped out at me when I re-read that earlier piece?

Golf Digest senior writer Tim Rosaforte reported last night that Tiger Woods recently shot a worst-ball 66 at his home course…

You ever notice how vague these kinds of stories are?  

“Recently?”  You mean you don’t even know when he did it?  And this is the story?

How recently, if he’s chipping through greens on a course where he’s won four Green Jackets?

Yeah… sure fooled me there…


16 thoughts on “Worst-Ball 66 Becomes 74 In The Real World (Tiger Woods)

  1. peterallenby2013

    While I don’t actually feel sorry for the guy, I do have pangs of compassion for Tiger. The unraveling of his golf game I think is the culmination of many many years of psychic discontent. His golf swing today is a manifestation of all of the inner turmoil in his life.

    Great golf and any endeavor you approach with purpose requires a foundation of inner peace. Without a smiling soul, his life and hence his golf game are and will remain in turmoil. The state of his golf swing is a fever, a high fever and until the underlying virus of his discontent is addressed and cured, he will remain in a sweat-soaked delirium of human and golfing pain.

    His radical swings changes have been attempts to address the symptoms of his unhappiness. He needs to admit to himself he is unfulfilled as a person and “do the work” to uncover and find the truths in his life that will allow him to capture the uninhibited happiness in his soul that will allow him to simply play a game.

    Once he see this as a truth and finds his true identity and accepting of the fact that he is a person, not a GOLFER, he will be on the road to happiness and perhaps regain his joy for the game and his true and astounding ability to play!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Profound thoughts, Peter – and possibly right on the mark 😉

      Someone made a comment on another blog that he has “entered Michael Jackson territory,” and it seems that people who separate and isolate themselves from the bulk of humanity due to having the resources to do so… never end well.

      When you surround yourself with sycophants and yes-men, it is very easy to lose your grip on reality. Especially when, as in Tiger’s case, you’re a child prodigy who likely never had a realistic view of the world to begin with.

      When the “Chosen One” becomes “just another guy,” there has to be some pyschological turmoil from that alone.

      That hydrant wrecked more than his Escalade.

  2. Laser

    “people who separate and isolate themselves from the bulk of humanity”

    –I haven’t interviewed the patient, but the information I’ve been exposed to indicates a label that is defined by this;

    · These people are “ice-cold,” but they can be charismatic and charming, good actors.

    · Gamesmanship can be the only thing in their lives.

    · Never monogamous. They have no interest in bonding emotionally with a mate, loveless marriages, partner viewed as a possession or trophy. May ignore their children.

    · They are often quite satisfied with themselves and their lives, believe that their way is superior. It is incurable, and they don’t want to be cured.

    If there is inner turmoil, it comes from not dominating. It’s likely that he has too many flawed and conflicting swing-thoughts whispering in his head. There aren’t a bunch of different systems that result in hitting the ball to a defined target area, with the least amount of effort, and with the least risk of injury.

    1. D Watts Post author

      There aren’t a bunch of different systems that result in hitting the ball to a defined target area, with the least amount of effort, and with the least risk of injury.

      As far as I know, there’s one 😉

  3. bigtoilet

    Hey, the PGA TOUR and the reporters who cover it HAVE to keep to Tiger train rolling.

    Stories of how Tiger has still “Got it” helps keep the train rolling. Harmless lies (probably) that don’t hurt anyone is how they look at it. ALL the guys on the TOUR acknowledge this and are pretty much fine with it ($ in their pockets).

    1. D Watts Post author

      I don’t have any idea if this is true (I have no reason to believe it isn’t), but I have to say I got excited reading this information. Genuinely excited.

      This from Kyle Porter of CBSSports blog… and there you have it.

  4. bigtoilet

    I will be reporting LIVE rom Augusta next week. Just depends on if DJ wants it on the public side or the MEMBERS area only…..
    I’ll be there Tuesday through Sunday.

    1. D Watts Post author

      DJ’s Watering Hole is the perfect place… you can give us the low-down on what’s going on beyond Magnolia Drive… can’t believe it’s already next week, this year is flying by!

  5. celliott4954

    Tiger has announced he’s going play in the Masters….BT, looking forward to your reports from the Masters over at DJ’s Watering Hole.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I plan to be in front of the TV on Masters weekend with the computer close at hand. Should be a fun time… majors weekends, gotta luv’em! 😀

    2. bigtoilet

      Daily reports beginning on Wednesday. Going to the course EARLY on Wednesday then playing Reynolds Plantation Wednesday afternoon (not sure which of the 6 courses we are playing, they are ALL incredible).

      1. D Watts Post author

        Nice.. and I’ll be watching snow flurries outside as winter seems to have decided to stick around… snowed last night.

        At least there’s Easter Sunday dinner later after the tournament’s over…

  6. buddhabob

    will be great to watch. I do hope he does well and surprises everyone. It took some guts and some help from his marketing team of course to come to this.

    But the pressure will just be too much and the kind of momentum he will be experience will be downhill more than likely. His first really bad shot will yield a flood of others to follow and the ensuing embarrassment, sheer shame and personal horror. The whole thing is now playing out like it was written by Aeschylus or Tennessee Williams.

    We may actually be approaching the final act now, a dénouement of spectacular self-immolation where our leading character is trapped in a burning home and heard screaming for rescue after having barricaded all the doors shut himself.

    Its the actor’s nightmare really. A once starring performer needs the attention,the love and affection and the restoration of his historic profile so badly that he enters stage left without having memorized many of his lines. Every actor who’s ever had any success has that dream. Without exception…

    hope I’m wrong and Lazarus arises.

    1. D Watts Post author

      The only reason he’s playing is because it’s the Masters.

      Judging from the past 18 months however, and knowing how tight the greensides are, I don’t see anything but a train-wreck occurring next week. Not that I won’t be watching!

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