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George Knudson – More Hogan Than Hogan

george knudson addrRe-posted

George Knudson is perhaps one of least-known ball-striking masters from the past PGA Tour eras.

He is a man Jack Nicklaus described as having “a million dollar swing and a ten-cent putter,” alluding to the fact that Knudson should have won much more than he did on Tour with the quality of his ball-striking.

Ben Hogan said Knudson had the “best swing of his generation,” which is high praise indeed, and some even ventured the opinion that Knudson’s swing was “more Hogan than Hogan.”

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Wherein David Leadbetter Floats His Heel… (Updated)

leadbetterUpdate – Leadbetter has a new swing model out called the A Swing.  I give it an “F”  /update


“Hi, you might be wondering what I’m doing here…”

You think?

Perhaps no truer words ever spoken by David Leadbetter, golf instructor to the pros.

Because, that’s exactly what I was wondering, watching his bizarre tip-toe swing drill to begin the clip.

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Moving Day @ The Masters – Wax Nation On Site! (Updated)

crowell & wascoUpdate: I just got off the phone with the Big Toilet who called from Augusta National.  We talked for about 20 minutes and he’s had a slight change of plans for his Sunday location:

He was going to stake out the 18th hole but the Members & guests got 1st crack and all the prime seating was gone by the time the public was allowed on the grounds.

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Shark & Bake Saturday – Dustin Johnson’s Ball Speed

dustin numbersUpdated With Newer Swing Clip From June 11

I must confess, I’ll never lose that drive for the maximum distance and power, because I’ve always been a power swinger.

What I set out to figure out, around ten years ago, was how to make that power more consistent and repeatable, so that I could keep the ball in play and, even better, out of trouble with missed shots.

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Brandel Chamblee Spills The Beans – “Modern Swing Sucks”

floating heelPardon the phrasing in the title, but that’s the cold hard truth of it.

The modern swing, any model you want to choose from – if it involves a planted leading heel and restricted hips on the back swing, it is a bogus swing model.

Period.  And now, it seems the powers that be in the golf industry are loosening the reins ever so slightly to allow the analysts on TV to say the same thing.

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Big Toilet On the Grounds @Augusta National

bt snack shackWell, it’s Masters Thursday, and I have a perfect day planned – I’ll be watching Live @ The Masters (rather, I’ll have it on in the background) while I do my morning work and the rain falls outside.

Rain is better than snow, and we’re finally going to leave the winter behind – the temperatures will be getting around to the average on the weekend, so it seems the season will finally get under way.

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MCS – The Norman/Crowell Variation

???????????Originally posted October 20, 21014 as I was building the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” model for Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, who is attending the Masters this week.

Re-posted for Masters Week, for what would Masters history be without the tragic Greg Norman story there? /update


Here is some more insight on the work I’ve been doing with PGA of America instructor and tournament player Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell over the past couple of months.

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Is Peter Kostis Serious? (Jordan Spieth)

jordan-spieth-driver-post-impactI posted a look at Jordan Spieth’s swing a while back and I want re-post it today with some added comments, as we wait to see if he’ll pick up his 3rd PGA Tour win at the tender age of 21.

Jordan Spieth, I’ll say right here, is an awesome young golfer.  He’s in contention seemingly every week, he’ll likely lead the FedEx Cup by day’s end, and he is only 21 years old…

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Re-Post – Remember Charles Barkley?

charlesbarkleyOriginally published on January 11, 2010 after the airing of the first “Haney Project.”  Just as relevant today, 5 years later, with the MCS swing theory and mechanics/athletic motion…

The only edit is replacing “Mike Austin” with “MCS” in the body of the posting. /update

With all due respect to Hank Haney and Charles Barkley himself, his problem with the golf swing is not a psychological thing. It had nothing to do with his head.

It has everything to do with the fact that he is a former world-class athlete.

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Worst-Ball 66 Becomes 74 In The Real World (Tiger Woods)

tiger pinkI don’t know if that story about Tiger Woods shooting 66 with his “worst ball” of two (and allegedly having to make every birdie putt twice for it to count – watch out for the windmill, though), was an April Fool’s thing, but it seems the cold light of reality has seeped into the tale.

Today, it seems (incredibly, how is this possible?) that Tiger is still kicking the ball around and his short game woes have returned since that possibly-better-than-his 62 score of 66 at the Medalist.

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