The Wax Jinx Continues – Brooks Koepka (Rib Injury)

brooks koepka topYou’ll recall that during Tiger Woods’ last disastrous attempt to return to play on the PGA Tour, I made a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that he might look at another golfer’s swing (one Hideki Matsuyama) and perhaps ask him how to do it, if he insisted on a planted-heel golf swing.

You’ll recall perhaps as well that I posted a look at Brooks Koepka’s action and declared it ‘not the worst ever modern swing,’ but don’t forget what I had to say about even his not-the-worst swing mechanics:

Yes, there is still the rubber-band torso twisting on the back swing, with the loss of proper leveraging position at the top, but what you see is a swinger who, while using a very unsound technique, is swinging under control and not hyper-twisting to the top…

Have you figured it out yet? ‘Cause I’m not going to tell you why would I encourage even one person to take up a swing like the knee-snapper?

brooks koepka top


So here, as the Wax Golf Jinx continues, shortly after I write about a modern swinger’s mechanics… injury strikes as if to prove my point. From the rotoworld blog:

Brooks Koepka has withdrawn from the Arnold Palmer Invitational during the final round due to pain associated with a rib injury he sustained on Thursday.

It was reported on Golf Channel on Sunday morning that Koepka dislocated his rib on Thursday.

Even worse, it casts into doubt his ability to play in his first Masters tournament next week.

I must have missed this news with all the buzz around Woods not playing that week.

And this, my friends, is why I will never advocate a modern-style, planted-heel golf swing – even the ones I find to be “not-the-worst,” are still not good.

Risking injury swinging a 13oz golf club is something I can’t fathom.  But here’s the basic rule of it:

If you’re hurting yourself swinging a golf club…

You might want to look for a more mechanically-sound swing.


5 thoughts on “The Wax Jinx Continues – Brooks Koepka (Rib Injury)

    1. D Watts Post author

      I haven’t heard of this presser, BT- where did you see that? Or is this an April 1st thing?

  1. buddhabob

    I simply cannot imagine how these young cats in their prime could ever hurt themselves swinging a golf club. It is beyond me. Come to think of it this probably makes them adhere to the rubber band school even more as they foolishly believe that the damage being done is all due to the intense power that is generated. from the artificial torque. what an irony.

    at this pt. I have to put some of the blame on the former champions who came up during the classic era. They need to step forward unless they are just too stupid and clueless. The other culprit could possibly be the modern ball and titanium driver. They have added so much distance to the driver that young players now have no accurate basis from which to rate themselves when compared to the golden era. I’m only assuming that they must think of themselves as more powerful and more technically skillful

    and Tiger practiced at Augusta today. Teaser or is he going to commit? Very interesting. Would love to see him play regardless of what I sense the outcome would be.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I have mixed feelings. If he plays well or even not too badly, that’s one thing. But if he sucks all the air out of the competition kicking it around for two or more days, I’ll likely find something else to watch.

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