Shark & Bake Saturday – UMCS vs PGA Tour Stats

shark-and-bake-djNow, I’m not saying that the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” swing model will make you a PGA Tour player.  There is more to the game of golf than just the swing.

You have to factor in course management (John Daly, great swinger, not-so-great manager), short game, putting and of course heart and grit.

I can’t give a player the intangibles, I deal with the swing.  But if you have a solid swing, then your success or failure on the golf course will rest on things other than the swing.

You won’t have to worry about that part of your game.

Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell has been getting ready for his tournament season, and I want to compare the numbers he sent me with those of the top PGA Tour players, just to show you  how effective a fundamentally-sound swing can make the game easier for you…

So let’s take a look.

Jerry is easily a 300 yards driver.  That is not in doubt, considering he carries the ball 290 yards or so on a stock swing.  And here’s where I am astounded by what a solid swing can do for you, when I look at the numbers of guys who drive it as far as Jerry on Tour (not many), let’s take an average of the Top 5 in the compared stats:

Ball Speed – Tour Top 5 Average – 181.8 mph vs Jerry’s 165 mph

Club Impact Speed – Tour Top 5 Average – 123.26  mph vs Jerry’s 113.8 mph

Average Drive – Tour Top 5 Average – 310 y vs Jerry’s 320 y


Again, you can’t make exact comparisons, and one might say that Jerry’s average drives are not accurate with such a small sampling, but let me show you something now that Jerry is comfortable with the numbers he sent me.

From a couple of weeks ago, but Jerry wanted to give me some numbers more in line with his averages, his “playing swing,” so I had to sit on numbers like these, because he was playing around with the fairway conditions (fast and firm) and his launch numbers:

jerry's drive3


In other words, the conditions that the Tour players get when they’re out there hitting “huge” 330 yard drives…


jerry's drive


Yes, Jerry can drive it much further than 320, but that’s his “stock” distance with a “stock” swing, and I bet his average in competition would be higher than 320… but that’s speculation.  Let’s keep it at 320 or even drop it to 310, if you wish.  That’s still the average for the Top 5 PGA Tour players right now

Suffice to say, Jerry’s numbers are MCS swing numbers, and on efficiency alone, they pummel the numbers of any other swinger, whatever swing model he’s using.

Bubba Watson needs a ball speed of over 180mph, whereas Jerry is smoothing it out there on average just as far, with a ball speed 15 mph lower.  With a 10 mph lower club impact speed…

This is science, this is math and physics, and the numbers do not lie.

And the swing is the swing.

And even better – you don’t have to have world long drive numbers to hit it long – you just have to improve the right numbers, like Angle of Attack, Launch Angle, Spin Rate

I was joking around with Jerry down at Goose Creek that he was hitting it as long as I was on certain holes, with a 10-15 mph lower impact speed than mine.  His numbers with the UMCS are just that good.

Sure, when I busted one, he wasn’t close – like on the 3rd hole at 390 yards, and he said to me, “Just put it over the bunker and you’re golden…”

Which I proceeded to do with a nailed drive downwind – and found myself in a hazard hole-high to the green…

3rd Hole Goose Creek

When I complained to him that if he’d told me to aim for the green, I’d have driven it, he replied, “I’ve never been where you just drove it, give me a break…”


This is why Jerry and I make such a good combo since we began working on this swing model for him – he’s a player, and can show what UMCS can do when applied properly.

I’m just a swing researcher and hobby player, and I don’t have the time nor the resources (I can’t even play golf or even hit balls outside for half the year where I live) to prove the numbers as quickly as Jerry has.

Now, given that my swing research has concluded, I will be looking to provide my own proof of the UMCS swing model’s efficiency and power, but it’s nice to have the Big Toilet making such good work of it in the meantime.

But the point I’m making – if you don’t have a 180 mph ball speed, then you can improve other numbers to increase your driving distance.  If you can produce a 180+ mph ball speed, then you can drive the ball crazy distances with the right numbers.

And if you want those numbers… you know which golf swing model is producing them right now

6 thoughts on “Shark & Bake Saturday – UMCS vs PGA Tour Stats

  1. chiefcowpie

    I find the UMCS set up to be very important. Next in importance after that is set up and the third most important consideration is set up. After that with a little focus, the dominoes fall.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Just like the three rules of real estate… the three rules of the golf swing are setup, setup and setup… agreed!

  2. chiefcowpie

    The PGA tour sets up the driver stats on holes where the golfer is inclined to let it go due to a more forgiving landing area and so I think its reasonable to assume that BT would as well loosen up a bit on these holes as it doesn’t take much for the guy for those who know him to become a long neck goose and let one rip and so add a some extra numbers there.

    The refined mechanics of UMCS is also demonstrated in the getting more bang for the buck with the clubhead and ball speed ratio BT experiences compared to other’s stats.

    And too, UMCS allows for adding extra energy to the swing system with minimal loss of control unlike what other golfers might experience as the extra power is not coming from a brusque muscular movement but from accelerated technique in the zone so all the more reason for BT to go goosey.

  3. bigtoilet

    The PGA Tour sets up the driving distance stats on 2 holes per event. One going one way and the other the other way. Or, one down wind and one into the breeze if it works out that way.

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