Big Toilet’s Effortless Power (300+ Yard Drives)

bt drv 1aYou’ve seen Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell’s new swing, rebuilt over the months since we began working on it last August or so.

You also know that the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” is the swing model that I built for him and which has turned out to be “the” swing model for MCS swingers and will remain so until a better model arises, the likelihood of which occurrence is, in my opinion, between highly unlikely and impossible.

Jerry’s been preparing for the upcoming tournament season and has sent me some numbers typical of the “playing” swing he’ll be using, and these numbers are pretty cool.

Jerry “Big Toilet” Driving the Ball


I said that BT was hitting drives over 300 yards with ease, didn’t I?  Well, let’s take a look at some numbers from the FlightScope ball monitor, and you can decide for yourself if hitting 320 yard drives with less than 115 mph club head impact velocity qualifies as “with ease.”


Drive 1

bt drv 1a bt drv 1b bt drv 1c

Club Impact Speed: 112.5 mph

Carry Distance: 293 y

Total Drive Distance: 323 y

Launch Angle: 10 degrees


Drive 2

bt drv 2b bt drv 2c bt drv 2a

Club Impact Speed: 115.1 mph

Carry Distance: 287 y

Total Drive Distance: 319 y

Launch Angle: 13.3 degrees


Drive 3

bt drv 3a bt drv 3b bt drv 3c

Club Impact Speed: 113.8 mph

Carry Distance: 291 y

Total Drive Distance: 320 y

Launch Angle: 12.3 degrees



Club Impact Speed: 113.8 mph

Carry Distance: 290 y

Total Drive Distance: 320 y

Launch Angle: 11.86 degrees


Big Toilet Drives It 340


So you can probably get an idea now how Big Toilet hit that 340 yard drive with ease when we played Goose Creek’s 7th hole with the following Santa Ana giving him a little boost.

Yup, it was as smooth as it looks, and he pounded it.

With numbers like these, he’s going to have a very good playing season, methinks…


9 thoughts on “Big Toilet’s Effortless Power (300+ Yard Drives)

  1. bigtoilet

    This was with my GAMER driver, Srixon 745, 8 degree, 45″ Matrix Black Tie shaft X flex. I could get better ball speed with a Krank or a Geek driver if I wanted to, but the Srixon is my tournament club.

  2. bigtoilet

    Star Collins (bought UMCS) is out here at Goose playing today, with his wife (1st time at Goose). Very cool peeps! Watched him hit a few on the range….He’s DEFINATELY a UMCS’er!!! Real nice move!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Star was there was he? He just wanted to play the 7th after watching us take it! lol…

  3. Starr

    I have to say both my wife and I had a great time at Goose Creek Saturday and Jerry made my day coming out to watch me hit a few nervous range balls before our round. He didn’t have to do that and it was much appreciated. Funny thing was Jerry just casually made one off hand observation on my ball position that sunk into my head through my nervous fog and helped me dial in my irons all day, thanks Jerry.

    My UMCS pivot still needs refinement, the back nine wasn’t stellar for me, but for a once or twice a week aging golfer like me it definitely keeps me in the game.

    No one really cares about other peoples golf scores but for a duffer like me to shoot one over on the front and get around in 77 on a new track as challenging as Goose Creek isn’t so much skill as just a correct (learned) golf swing model that flat out keeps me hitting solid shots all day.

    A year ago I’d of shot 85 or 86 for a first time round on a course like Goose Creek and been fairly happy, today….well, not so much. I can honestly tell you I don’t putt any better than I used to.

    Really, UMCS is just the real deal.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Jerry told me your setup looked really good – said you were obviously all-in on the UMCS model.

      77 at the Goose, first time out? Good stuff, Star!

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