Shocking – Jamie Sadlowski’s Huge Power Leak

?????????????????????I haven’t looked at Jamie Sadlowski’s swing closely since probably 2010 or so, simply because he was the Remax Long Drive World Champion in 2008 and again in 2009 but hasn’t won a world title since.

So, the most I’ve done in recent years is look to see if he’s made any major (or even minor) changes since then.

Now, of course, having finally completed after ten years a swing model based on natural athletic motion, I can better pick out things in a swing like Sadlowski’s that I might not have noticed or been able to explain (what is bad and why).



For example, I used to talk about Jamie’s “chicken swing” impact and release action. I have even called it the “longest-driving chicken wing of all time,” or something like that, not mock or attack Jamie’s swing, but to point out where it isn’t perfect.

But I was shocked this morning when I watched his swing face-on, in slow motion, and I haven’t even had my cup of coffee yet (green tea, but the coffee does a mind good, doesn’t it?), but something in Jamie’s swing just sprang out of the monitor at me.

“I don’t believe this,” I said, reaching for the mouse to replay that part of the swing.  A few more time, and I was shaking my head.

sadlowski front


“Why didn’t I notice this before?” I asked aloud in disgust, and suddenly Sadlowski’s swing turned into something different – not even close to being a “long drive swing to model,” but one that is in dire need of a major change if Sadlowski wants to win any more championships.

That is, if he hasn’t given that up and turned his eye to tournament golf.  In which case, it would just be an interesting swing to show people that is very effective but that which could be a good deal more fundamentally-sound.

Follow me into the breach here folks, you’ll see something really interesting, and how Sadlowski should have won every Remax Long Drive final between 2009 and now.

Not to insult or diminish the swings of the past champions, but that Sadlowski’s swing has such potential for improvement that he would have been untouchable for years as Jason Zuback was in the 90’s, winning four consecutive championships.



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  1. buddhabob

    yeah I don’t think you ever discussed that he harpoons and dives down into the ball thus moving his head a bunch, creating accuracy problems and along with the chicken wing, a break in momentum and power leak imo. Hello out there.

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