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The Wax Jinx Continues – Brooks Koepka (Rib Injury)

brooks koepka topYou’ll recall that during Tiger Woods’ last disastrous attempt to return to play on the PGA Tour, I made a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that he might look at another golfer’s swing (one Hideki Matsuyama) and perhaps ask him how to do it, if he insisted on a planted-heel golf swing.

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Why You Can’t Learn Ben Hogan’s Swing

????????????Originally Posted June 27, 2014, and this is likely one of the videos that annoyed me enough and eventually led to the Wax Golf’s “Ben Hogan Project.

Today’s DJ’s Birthday and I am otherwise indisposed!

Until now, that is… it’s the same reason you can’t learn another person’s swing model – no one is explaining it accurately or, in some cases even, correctly.

I’m not going to bang on Jim Mclean for the misleading statements in his analysis of Ben Hogan’s swing model, because it’s possible that Hogan deliberately mislead people on his swing mechanics.  I wasn’t there when he gave his “secrets” out, but watching the below clip on Hogan’s swing, I couldn’t get through it before starting to write this post.

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Shocking – Jamie Sadlowski’s Huge Power Leak

?????????????????????I haven’t looked at Jamie Sadlowski’s swing closely since probably 2010 or so, simply because he was the Remax Long Drive World Champion in 2008 and again in 2009 but hasn’t won a world title since.

So, the most I’ve done in recent years is look to see if he’s made any major (or even minor) changes since then.

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