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The Wax Jinx Continues – Brooks Koepka (Rib Injury)

brooks koepka topYou’ll recall that during Tiger Woods’ last disastrous attempt to return to play on the PGA Tour, I made a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that he might look at another golfer’s swing (one Hideki Matsuyama) and perhaps ask him how to do it, if he insisted on a planted-heel golf swing.

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Big Toilet’s Effortless Power (300+ Yard Drives)

bt drv 1aYou’ve seen Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell’s new swing, rebuilt over the months since we began working on it last August or so.

You also know that the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” is the swing model that I built for him and which has turned out to be “the” swing model for MCS swingers and will remain so until a better model arises, the likelihood of which occurrence is, in my opinion, between highly unlikely and impossible.

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This Posting Should Be Titled “Trackman Proves MCS”

attack angleI was sent this article on how to increase driving distances, and I was rather amused reading through it, because you’ll remember what Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell has to say about the MCS swing theory – that he will only use Trackman and MCS swing theory when swinging or teaching the swing.

So, the article which I’m linking was amusing in that as I read off the points contained in the part I’m quoting, I was hearing Big Toilet’s voice in my head saying, “MCS & Trackman…”

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Charlie Beljan Has Jamie Sadlowski Syndrome

charlie beljan post impactHas anyone see the action of one of the longer-hitting pros on the PGA Tour, one Charlie Beljan?

I wanted to take a look at Brandon Hagy’s swing, as he currently leads the Tour in driving distance (321 yards per drive), but he is not very widely known, so there isn’t much video on Youtube with which to work.

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Why You Can’t Learn Ben Hogan’s Swing

????????????Originally Posted June 27, 2014, and this is likely one of the videos that annoyed me enough and eventually led to the Wax Golf’s “Ben Hogan Project.

Today’s DJ’s Birthday and I am otherwise indisposed!

Until now, that is… it’s the same reason you can’t learn another person’s swing model – no one is explaining it accurately or, in some cases even, correctly.

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Shocking – Jamie Sadlowski’s Huge Power Leak

?????????????????????I haven’t looked at Jamie Sadlowski’s swing closely since probably 2010 or so, simply because he was the Remax Long Drive World Champion in 2008 and again in 2009 but hasn’t won a world title since.

So, the most I’ve done in recent years is look to see if he’s made any major (or even minor) changes since then.

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