Breaking Down Mickey Wright’s Swing

?????????????????????????????????OK, since it was Mickey Wright’s 80th birthday yesterday and I didn’t get her anything, I thought perhaps I could do a little swing analysis on her action back in the 60’s, just in case she’s thinking of teeing it up with the ladies any time soon.

Even at 80, my money would be on Mickey.  The clip from which I obtained these pics and the gif., contains a drive of hers in a Shell match where she hit a drive over 300 yards.

Sure, it was an elevated tee, and sure, there was a strong following wind – but we’re talking about a woman swinging a persimmon driver on a balata ball – and knocking it past where many guys would hit it today with the same equipment.  I bet you anything.

But back to Mickey’s swing – first, here’s a gif. of her action, and let’s take it from there.

mickey shift


I only have one thing to nitpick, and that would be the stance width she employed:


For the people familiar with the UMCS stance specs, you’ll see that her extra wide stance (looking at the right side…perfect…left side and foot, you can see the width on that stance) will cause a shifting to the right with the head on the back swing, to where it should be at impact…



A little narrow stance with a little more spine tilt, and she’d be in the MCS address position. The head shift is predictable when you look at the stance, as well as the “following the swing” move she performed to get over the left foot on the finish (which she doesn’t quite, because of that too-wide stance and the anchored right toe on the finish, but still a very athletic move, and nothing improper about it).

Down the line, how sweet is this address position?  How many things do we see here, from the angled stance to the extended arms, the relaxed spine, the weight over the feet, the kicked-in right leg…



Wow – that is the closest to the actual MCS stance that I’ve seen from someone on the professional circuit, and this is the LPGA’s second-most winning player of all time.  Not hard to see why.

Someone would surely accuse me of stealing Mickey’s address stance if it weren’t already MCS orthodoxy:


And not only that, my friends! I noticed something in Mickey’s right foot action on the address and back swing.  I’m telling you, I nearly fell out of my seat when I first noticed it:

mickey swing dtl—–

*Note September 2017 – If you look at my Pivot Drill in the “E = MCS” Video, you’ll see my “Pressure Plate” drill is something that Mickey Wright appears to actually be doing on her swing!

And this, my friends, goes to show you that you can’t invent a golf swing model.  All you can do is swing the way your body is designed to move.  And the closer to that absolute model you get, the very obviously the better golf swing you will have.

MCS is nothing more, nothing less than the exact way most people should stand and swing.  And the better swings you run across, the more their setup will resemble the setup I’ve identified in the MCS swing model.

Who cares how cold it is inside, watching these classic era golf swings really gives me a warm glow…

Mickey Wright – Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf


14 thoughts on “Breaking Down Mickey Wright’s Swing

  1. Bill in WA

    From the point where she is behind the ball, to walking into her set up and then the swing screams one word to me. Athlete!

    1. D Watts Post author

      You see that extended right arm at impact, BT? She was not swinging left. Not even at the target. She was on the right angle. First time I’ve seen that from a Tour pro of either gender…

    1. D Watts Post author

      This is the swing to watch. Even more than Hogan’s. Same stuff, but without all the anti-hook jazz…this is an athletic swing, and nearly 100% mechanically-correct. It’s the best swing any MCS Swinger/Wax Nation Member can watch of any Tour pro… so many good swings from the classic era, but hers was the most athletic.

        1. D Watts Post author

          I don’t know how it slipped my mind… that’s a lady I’d talk swing with, any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

  2. Bill in WA

    Hogan said she had the best swing he’d ever seen. My guess is that if he were alive today he would still say the same thing.

    1. D Watts Post author

      You’d be right. Now, when Big Toilet gets “out there,” I’ll have to say he’s got the sweetest swing I’ve ever seen. He already does, but he’s not going to rest on being the current model for the UMCS… I think he plans on doing something with it…

  3. avbr1025

    Hogan is said to have admired two swings above all others: Mickey’s and Bill Mehlhorn. They both have unrestricted hips and the floating heel. As did Hogan himself. Very interesting indeed.

  4. Laser

    It’s a winner…and I’ll bet there were a lot of things that she wasn’t thinking about…spine angle, swing plane, resisting with hips, clubface position halfway-back, right elbow, holding the lag, beta torque, release pattern …

  5. simon

    Her swing is beautiful and just so packed with both grace and athleticism which is rare for any gender. Her famed coach, the late legendary Harvey Penick, has put her swing as his 2nd favourite swing of all time. Curiously Ben Crenshaw’s swing was Penick’s best even though by all measures Crenshaw was a very mediocre ball striker for a major winner.

    To be fair we’re all suckers for aesthetics and Crenshaw’s swing did look pretty with nice flowing rhythm. On the contrary even though Lee Trevino was one of very best ball strikers of all time and rarely anyone mentions his swing as the reason for Lee’s success because it didn’t fit the template. I quote Dave Pelz, who personally measured tour pros’ accuracy in rounds and found Trevino to be the absolute best in accuracy amongst his subjects with distances accounted for, “if Lee Trevino could have putted you would never have heard of Jack Nicklaus”,

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