Brooks Koepka’s Not-The-Worst-Ever Modern Swing

brooks koepka topAs modern swings go, yesterday’s Waste Management winner Brooks Koepka (with his maiden PGA Tour win) has a swing that could be much, much worse.

If you’ve noticed that I don’t actually praise any modern swings, that’s because I feel they are mechanically-unsound, dangerous to the average person and simply not something I’m going to go out of my way to say nice things about.

Brooks however has a motion that like Hideki Matsuyama, is actually about as benign as you could expect from a modern, planted-heel swing.

Yes, there is still the rubber-band torso twisting on the back swing, with the loss of proper leveraging position at the top, but what you see is a swinger who, while using a modern technique, is swinging under control and not hyper-twisting to the top.

He also has the requisite knee-snap with the leading leg through impact, which is why I’ll never advocate a swing like this.  Why destroy your body, or even one part, like a knee or hip, when you can swing another way and not do such damage to yourself?

Brooks Koepka Golf Swing

Update: Do you see that twisting jump in Brooks’ left leg through impact?  That’s due to the lack of natural leverage coming down, as well as the fact that he has his leading foot very squared to the target line.

So, he can’t turn his hips to the finish with that foot nailed square to the ground like that, and there you get the snapping “hop” as the leg hyper-extends to add missing leverage and the foot replaces itself to keep him from over-straining the knee and ankle.


brooks koepka top


I’d never teach a motion like this or Hideki’s, but if someone came to me and asked, “I’ll never float my heel, what do I do?” I’d point to these two fellows and say, “You could a lot worse than these two guys with a planted heel…”