Tiger Woods To Hideki Matsuyama: “Wanna Make A Hundred Million?”

??????????Now, I hope Tiger Woods never gets wind of the title to this post, because like Dan Jenkins’ faux interview with TW, the title quote never happened.

That’s just what I think would have been something Tiger Woods would say to Hideki Matsuyama, after I saw a bizhub “Konika-Minolta!!!!!” spot on the young Japanese player in today’s Waste Management coverage.

It was a down the line swing shot, and I found myself rewinding it to watch more than once, because other than some lower back compression, I was looking at a very good “modern golf swing.”

Hideki Matsuyama’s Modern Golf Swing


Now, the modern golf swing is very harmful to the body, so take it with a grain of salt when I say very good ‘modern’ swing.  That’s like saying “a pretty good guy for a serial murderer.”  It’s all in the context.

So, take a look at this swing, if you would, and imagine what I’m looking at, and what Hideki is doing that’s pretty cool, even with a planted heel, and why Tiger Woods would likely win at least five more majors if he could adopt this swing and somehow get his head out of his posterior on the short game.



Think about it. Five more majors, wouldn’t Tiger happily pay $$20 Million for another Major?  Especially five more on average?  The dude makes $60-90 Million a year right now… and imagine what his earning power would be with a fistful more tournament wins and more majors?

20 Mil is chump change, because TW’s earning power would arc exponentially if he got back on the majors track.  Especially with everything that’s occurred since his last major win.

No, I’m not crazy.

If Tiger Woods called Hideki and asked him, “Can you teach me this swing?” and if Hideki didn’t say, “Hell yes, but what’s it worth to you?” then I don’t know anything at all.

I’m just looking at a modern swing here from Hideki Matsuyama that, if Tiger refuses to change from a planted heel to floating heel swing, he could actually replicate with ease, without breaking anything.

hideki iron


This is likely the golf swing that Sean Foley sees in his dreams.

Yes, Hideki snaps his leading knee through impact.  It’s a modern swing, remember?  But if Tiger insists on swinging with a planted heel…

Very interesting…

OK, back to reality


Note: This is obviously a Super Bowl Sunday tongue-in-cheek posting, but this is the point if you don’t see the humor in it – Tiger won’t swing any better with his new right-biased and more MCS golf swing address position if he keep swinging planted-heel.

If he does insist on it, then I’m looking at a swing model that is probably the least harmful modern swing model that I’ve ever seen.

And yes, of course I can see what Hideki’s doing, but Tiger will never call me…so hopefully Steiny has HM’s number…

That’s all.  The chicken wings are waiting, and the game’s about to start!


6 thoughts on “Tiger Woods To Hideki Matsuyama: “Wanna Make A Hundred Million?”

    1. D Watts Post author

      LOL… that ‘stab’ would do in Caesar, my friend. Of course, you’re right. And of course, Matsuyama probably has a swing coach

      And it ain’t me

      Time for someone or his agent to do some research? 😉

  1. Just Joe

    Hey Guys, I’d love to hear both Jerry’s and your description of your hips movements on the downswing.

    Today my only thought was to push my left hip toward 8:00 with 12:00 being in front of you. Feels like my left hip goes to the target side of my left heel (it doesn’t but that what it feels like). Almost like pushing your pelvis to a direct 45 degree open.

    Maybe a slight rocking motion that make your left slightly higher. But no right hip thought at all. This takes the turn out of it. I shot a 76 from the tips everything dead straight. Dang this game can be fun sometimes. Joe

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hey Joe – my only thought on the down swing is to get out of the way with the hips. Just as in a sidearm throwing motion. I don’t think of anything else, really.

      I did use a diagonal hip move visual with the previous model that I developed, but with the UMCS, it’s a simple, simple thought and action.

      The swing is a motion from beginning to end, and I find that concentrating on any one part of the body will tend to make the swinger lose focus on what they’re actually supposed to do – swing the club using the pivot.

      You’ll see in the UMCS video what I’m talking about… won’t be too long no!

  2. buddhabob

    Like I said 7 months ago and have repeated ad nauseum Woods will not win again, period. ITS ALL GONE south like Tyson when he lost his mojo. People refuse to see it because they are a bit stuck on his past success.

    Its what I call the Titanic syndrome- no one could ever imagine that beast of industrial glory sinking in 2 short hours. This is long since a psychological issue and its time for people to realize its over for the Tiger. Withdrawing at Torrey? He’s done.

    Get out the forks…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Good Tyson analogy – a complete write-off after Buster Douglas cleaned his clock, but that was also the first fight he didn’t prepare for like the champ. He skated, or he would have dismantled Douglas in a couple of rounds.

      Sometimes you lose that hunger, just a little bit.

      Some great players, HOF’ers never won a major past their mid-30s. Arnie Palmer was 34, Tom Watson was 33, I believe, and Tiger’s last major was at 32, incredibly…

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