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Mickey Wright’s Classic Golf Swing

*Originally published January 2nd, 2012 on the DJ Watts Golf blog.  Still relevant today…update at bottom


Ben Hogan once remarked that Mickey Wright had the best swing he’d ever seen.  Looking at her swing myself, I can see why he would have said this.

Mickey was of course a classic swinger from the ’50’s era, where proper mechanical swings were not as rare as they are today.  The golfers from that era just swung so much better than the players today.

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Brooks Koepka’s Not-The-Worst-Ever Modern Swing

brooks koepka topAs modern swings go, yesterday’s Waste Management winner Brooks Koepka (with his maiden PGA Tour win) has a swing that could be much, much worse.

If you’ve noticed that I don’t actually praise any modern swings, that’s because I feel they are mechanically-unsound, dangerous to the average person and simply not something I’m going to go out of my way to say nice things about.

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Tiger Woods To Hideki Matsuyama: “Wanna Make A Hundred Million?”

??????????Now, I hope Tiger Woods never gets wind of the title to this post, because like Dan Jenkins’ faux interview with TW, the title quote never happened.

That’s just what I think would have been something Tiger Woods would say to Hideki Matsuyama, after I saw a bizhub “Konika-Minolta!!!!!” spot on the young Japanese player in today’s Waste Management coverage.

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