Monthly Archives: February 2015

Tiger Woods Hosel-Rockets

tw shank It took me a couple of times watching the Vine clip of Tiger Woods shanking a simple pitch shot, because I couldn’t believe the ball takes the path it does.

I thought a little off on the direction, but nope, you have to look between the two fellows standing behind TW, and then you’ll see the ball that he just hosel-rocketed skipping off hard-right… and this from arguably the game’s best short-game magician of all time, and if not, right up there with Seve and Phil?

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Brooks Koepka’s Not-The-Worst-Ever Modern Swing

brooks koepka topAs modern swings go, yesterday’s Waste Management winner Brooks Koepka (with his maiden PGA Tour win) has a swing that could be much, much worse.

If you’ve noticed that I don’t actually praise any modern swings, that’s because I feel they are mechanically-unsound, dangerous to the average person and simply not something I’m going to go out of my way to say nice things about.

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Tiger Woods To Hideki Matsuyama: “Wanna Make A Hundred Million?”

??????????Now, I hope Tiger Woods never gets wind of the title to this post, because like Dan Jenkins’ faux interview with TW, the title quote never happened.

That’s just what I think would have been something Tiger Woods would say to Hideki Matsuyama, after I saw a bizhub “Konika-Minolta!!!!!” spot on the young Japanese player in today’s Waste Management coverage.

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