The Denial Is Strong In Some… The “Como-ver”

VibrantPerfectAurochsHumor is the best medicine, so let’s have a chuckle today.

Just a short posting and a picture which tells you everything you need to know about the deluded world of the modern swing instructors and their followers.

The cognitive dissonance the past week or so has led me to wonder if there is something in the water being used to irrigate the golf courses and driving ranges.

It is possible that there is a cynical reason – hype.  Everyone knows that this new swing is still a dog’s breakfast (marginally improved from the Foley model, but still horrifically mechanically-incorrect), but it won’t help the industry to say that.  So let’s just call it the old swing from the 90’s, and no one will know the difference?

It’s possible.

It’s also possible that some people believe what they’re saying, which is even more frightening than that of cynicism.

But it is as simple as drawing a line, to see how absolutely stunning I find it that people are saying what they are saying about something.

You know, calling a cow a horse does not turn it into a horse.

And conversely, saying that a cow is not a cow does not suddenly make it not a cow.  It’ll still be a cow, whatever you want to call it.

So, if this is NOT stacking and tilting, what on earth is it?


You see that golfer behind Tiger there?  Yeah, I’d be avoiding looking at that move too.. 

It doesn’t matter what you call this swing model, because it is what it is, and that is – NOT what this swinger was doing in the ’90s and early 2000’s.

tiger tops1

Call it what you want to call (the “Como-ver?”), but I know what it isn’t.

And anyone else who doesn’t, shouldn’t be teaching the golf swing to anyone.


19 thoughts on “The Denial Is Strong In Some… The “Como-ver”

  1. bigtoilet

    It’s S&T. It’s Grant Waite. Como did NOT have to get a masters in Biomechanics to copy stack and tilt. Seems like an awful waste of time and money to me.

    1. D Watts Post author

      The answer is, you can’t, and yes it would be. The uppercut move I think is to visualize getting the right side through impact, but he’s still snapping his leg, still hyper-extending the knee and still jumping off his heel to get through impact.

      So, with Foley’s model, he couldn’t even do that. This new center-biased address lets him get through with the right side, but that was always a symptom, not a cause, of his swing issues.

      It’s still left-biased at the top, he’s still leaning backwards to the target on the back swing, and still harpooning the ball. Just from a better starting position.

      The only thing that has changed is his coach, the address position from terrible to just bad, and the tune of many golfer instructors who suddenly think this swing is the cat’s pajamas.

      As I said…stunning…

      1. Mooka

        I really like some of the ideas on this site for swinging with power, speed, and avoiding injury. With that said, I feel like the site does get away from what could be a great resource for golfers to come and learn from your ideas.

        Is there a reason why Tiger is the subject of such criticism on this site? While I agree that the “new” swing we’ve seen this past weekend isn’t exactly like his 2000 or 1999 swing, did someone, including Tiger or his coaches, imply they were going exactly back to that?

        And skip the research to find quotes or anything, that’s not even my point. How long has the guy been working with Como? A month maybe, according to public knowledge? You do realize the guy has to unlearn some of the BS that he may have learned from Foley or anyone else for that matter, right? Have you considered that this is not the finished version of the Tiger 5.0 swing or Como swing, or whatever? I’m all for you tearing the guy apart if that’s what you heart tells you to do, but for the sake of guys like me who do lurk on your site from time to time to hopefully learn something from the work you have done, it’s nothing more than a major distraction.

        This isn’t an attempt to get you do change your rhetoric, hell, if that’s your MO, that’s fine. But I will say with brutal honesty that you have the opportunity to become not only someone who truly changes the way people swing the club but also the way people look at the golf swing, and I don’t bashing Tiger, Foley, Como, or anyone else serves to provide golfers what they want and need.

        p.s. This isn’t an attempt to defend Tiger or anyone else on the methods that he or someone has employed in their golf swing. As I’ve stated in the beginning, I not only like, but love some of the ideas you have here. I’m only posting to let you that I come to your site for a reason, and it’s not to hear about Tiger Woods. Don’t lose focus on the reason why you started this blog.

        1. D Watts Post author

          Mooka, thanks for the commenting, and welcome. I appreciate your views, and I’ll answer some of your questions as best as I can.

          On the subject of Tiger, there is a danger as always that people will emulate what they view as or are told is something to be emulated. So, when Tiger is swinging in such a mechanically-harmful manner and having people try to copy these things because others are praising it – someone has to stop the insanity, or at least try to.

          When I began blogging, Rory McIlroy was a hot young prospect. I predicted back issues for him and they came, but the great thing is that he’s not making changes such as detaching the leading heel on his longer swings and standing taller over the ball. I am not responsible for these changes, but if my blogging about his bad habits stopped one person from injuring themselves trying to emulate the younger Rory, I would be delighted.

          I’m not a fan of Rory’s rubber-banding torso either, but he may eventually get rid of or lessen that in time, and if my mentioning stops others from doing so, or at least makes them think, then I feel I’ve accomplished something.

          On Tiger’s work with Como, I’m sure it’s an unfinished project, but from initial indications, the things Tiger needs to change, he is not going to change, such as keeping his lower body biased left with the planted leading heel on the back swing, and the harpoon dive into the ball with the resultant jump-out through impact. So I’m not a fan of the swing now, and I doubt I will be when he’s done.

          When I was harping on Tiger’s work with Foley, I was told “it’s a work in progress….” And now after four years, that work has concluded without any progress having been made. In fact, the work caused him significant injuries.

          When I write about Tiger’s or any other swing flaws, it is my attempt to point out the dangers inherent in such things, and since Tiger Woods is the most influential golfer in the world now and in quite some, what he does with his swing will surely influence others, especially if (doubtful) he begins to win again.

          I don’t mean to be a nag, but if Tiger’s new swing which is barely better than the previous one becomes something people want to emulate, I’ll be here to advise against it.

          Thanks again for commenting Mooka, I appreciate the points you made respectfully, and I hope you keep reading!


        2. D Watts Post author

          Mooka, I just found this gem in CBSSports online:

          The dirty little secret of Woods’ last place finish at Isleworth? His swing looked terrific.

          And that is the danger. Next thing, someone decides to try to swing like that… and that’s where I come in to say, “His swing is terrible for the body, and try something more mechanically sound.”

    1. D Watts Post author

      Some might have taken it as bashing, but Mooka gave me the opportunity to explain my motive, and to write that essay on “Why MCS?” that I’ve been thinking about the last couple of days. 🙂

  2. buddhabob

    just about the only person on this site who reserves the right to bash, print porn and ultimately to be censored is the Buddha himself. that said tiger might make more money this year working off Greenland on a Japanese whaler. ahoy matey ! methinks I spy the great white off starboard side not farther than a witches nose from my cold steel! Put some sweat into it boys and row I say row for what your worth, lets tag the beast and be dragged down to Hell with him or up he goes to be drawn and quartered ayyyyyyeeee.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I actually think he’ll make some money this year, buddha. the only way to keep him from doing that is to hurt him, so if he’s healthy, the marginally better swing might actually get better and then it will be up to his putter.

      He’s on the dark side of the moon now, but I wouldn’t rule out a couple of interesting seasons here or there…

      1. D Watts Post author

        OMG – I just got buddhabob’s reference to Moby Dickharpooon

        I need stronger coffee, that went right over my head…. good one, buddha… you gave me a belated belly-laugh…

  3. buddhabob

    in the heat of competition he will more than likely re-injure himself with that swing imo and I believe he will not win again because essentially the garbage game will leave him the more time he spends lifting and losing his touch and that is always only a matter of time and statistics anyway as no garbage game up and down can last past a certain period.

    the intimidation factor is gone and dead as we know and you have to love the parity in the pga nowadays where any hot gun can come along and virtually any weekend and win it all.

    I think this is a function of the new technology making great golf more accessible to a larger no. of competitors and all the kids that start when they are 4 and 5 years of age now and are well schooled in competitive golf.

    I think this next generation will see some very disciplined new competitors emerge out of china and korea among other places in the east and a whole slew of new names and faces across the landscape.

    incidentally I will be posting some stretches for golf and other disciplines on my facebook page and instagram under the header ‘Old ass yoga” for those interested

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