A Few Pics = A Million Words (Tiger Woods & Sean Foley)

tiger tops1I had posted earlier about my intention to put up some comparison photos of Tiger Woods in the early 90’s and in 2000 with a picture of what his former swing coach Sean Foley considers to be a proper pivot.

This is not to pick on either of them, but to illustrate how junk science took five years away from one of the best golfers in PGA Tour history and led to his plethora of injuries before Tiger finally pulled the plug on the deal at summer’s end.

So, here is a picture showing Foley and what he considers to be proper mechanics.



The very first picture vs the next position, “wrong” vs “proper.”

Now, take a look at the top positions of Tiger when he was a) the best junior amateur on the planet and b) when he was the best in the galaxy:

tiger tops—–

Let’s take a look at what I call “right bias” in a swing model.  Below, you’ll see that Tiger’s top position in ’92 was very right-biased, and a little less so in 2000.

That would be due to a wider stance, moving the right foot further to the right, but move it in, and Tiger is in the exact same top position in 2000.

tiger tops1

Now, with the wider stance and eight years later, Tiger would have had a hard time getting that far over his right foot, and he only got that position with the planted heel because of the extraordinary twisting in the lower back.

But we all know what that leads to… don’t we?

So, after Tiger went to Sean Foley having been a 2-time U.S. Junior Amateur champ, a 3-time (and record-setting) U.S. Amateur Champ and winner of 14 Majors, guess what happened?

Yes, Tiger Woods was apparently told that the way he’d swung before was bogus, and Sean Foley had a better model.

This one:


And for some inexplicable reason, Tiger went with that… to the tune of this:

tiger woods '92-'13

For over four years.

You wanna know how Tiger broke his back?  Trying to swing with a left or center-biased swing model and still trying to get over the right foot at the top.

He did that above, but look at his lower body position compared to ’92. Now, take that lower body position, put Tiger’s upper body in the position it’s in on the right (blue shirt) above, and have him jump out of his shoes while trying to leverage a club into impact at 120mph speed…

You hear that sound?


**Snap, Crackle, Pop**

And you wonder why I was losing it?

That top position of Tiger back in ’92 and 2000, by the way?  Set up by a great address position in both instances:

tiger address


tiger 2000


The address is key in the golf swing, it’s the foundation of the entire swing itself.  And if you’re wondering what the stance for the MCS – Ultimate Leverage Machine looks like, yes, that’s right…



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