Tiger Woods’ New Swing – Ugh… (Updated)

tiger stack and dropUpdate at bottom

I have seen what is purported to be the “new” Tiger Woods golf swing.

I can’t say anything positive about this swing except perhaps it will be a little easier on Tiger Woods’ back than his previous Stack & Tilt creation from Sean Foley.

But as you’ll see, and as I was reading from one of Brandel Chamblee’s columns over at The Golf Channel online, Chris Como is another disciple of this “Golf Machine” theory that I’ve heard about forever, and which is the theory that led to Stack & Tilt:

Foley has the same DNA as so many of his brethren who got drunk on the philosophy of “The Golf Machine,” the fabulously flawed book on the geometry of the golf swing, a book that has led to the spin-off of swing cults such as Stack and Tilt.

All of them are based on the most inconclusive differences, ideas and opinions that cannot prove their theories to be correct. And the ideological conceit of geometric precision is where Tour players’ games go to die.

And before you talk about Brandel – the man has played and won on the PGA Tour.  Neither Como nor Foley have ever come close to that level of performance, so Brandel has a metric tonne more credibility talking about the swing than either of them.

Now Chris Como and Sean Foley will likely both deny that their swing models are Stack& Tilt, and that would be correct, because the name of that swing model is surely protected by copyright.  You can not call Como’s or Foley’s models however anything but another iteration of the same principles Stack & Tilt uses.

How’s that for you?  Tiger’s new swing isn’t Stack & Tilt, nor was his previous swing under Foley.  But I would challenge you to find the difference between all three models.

In Tiger’s new swing, it looks like he’s got his left side more under him than previously, but he’s still stacking and tilting.  That means his hips have no where to go on the down swing, as they’re already to the left.

Tiger’s Move – The Tilt and Drop

tiger stack and drop

So, more dropping with the harpoon, more jumping up off the left foot to get the left shoulder up and the left hip behind him, and this the most brutal part – the right hip should come around and through, but look at Tiger’s impact/follow through action with the hips.

tiger jump and turn

He has to slam that left leg to push the left hip back behind him so the right hip can come through, and in effect, there is so little natural leverage and so much brute muscle force in this swing, I will not look at the clip too many more times for the sake of my mental well-being.

mike austin throwJust for comparison, this is what a natural swinging/throwing hip action looks like.

The left leg supports the body’s weight as the turn pivots the right hip around and through.

How can you support a repeatable and consistent swing when you’re going to be jumping and slamming off of that leading foot instead of using it for support?

Contrast that to a swing of mine from May of 2013, when I was working on the New MCS swing model with the “Formula” address position.  This swing produced a drive with 8 seconds hang time, and look at that left foot at impact and into the follow through and finish.

stable left footThat is left foot stability – I’m supporting my weight and the swing with the left foot, not jumping off the ground at the most crucial part of the swing phase!

See that left hip move over to the left, and over the left foot so the leg and support the down swing into and through impact?

No twisting, jumping, snapping…so how do I swing to produce 350 yard drives with no  left foot displacement?

Simply, I don’t Stack & Tilt, and you shouldn’t either.

So, meet Tiger’s new swing – same as the old swing.

I hear that Chris Como is working on his master’s degree in biomechanics.  I hate to say it, and I know nothing of the science technically, but from my experience in sports and because I know how to swing, walk and throw, I would give him a big fat “F,” just for the swing model he proposes.

Jack Nicklaus can sleep easy.


Update: I did neglect to mention one thing that is a positive in Tiger’s stance – he’s more erect, not squatting over the ball as before.  That is of course an improvement.  I’ll have to see what he’s doing with the stance DTL before I can say he’s completely fixed it.

Also, you can see the influence of Como’s model theory already in Tiger’s swing, and this is not a bad thing – see how Tiger gets the right side completely through from the top to the finish.


Think of Como’s “uppercut” visual. That’s what you’re seeing with Tiger now.

The problem is that the set-up and top position completely block the release unless you jump out of the left shoe to allow that right side to come through.

Right idea, completely bogus swing model – you don’t hit the ball with an uppercut, you skip the stone across the water.

One motion directs the force in the proper direction.

The other is an action that occurs long after the ball has been struck. No different from “throwing down the target line.”

My two cents.


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    1. D Watts Post author

      I was expecting better from Como, but it’s the same old story – using biomechanics to try to make the unworkable modern swing workable.

      So discouraging…

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