The Layman’s Guide To Biomechanics

????????Rant alert.  Sometimes you just have to clear your throat and make an obvious point.

I was discussing the swing this afternoon with Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell and something came up that has been bugging the stuffing out of me since I became intimately acquainted with the “modern golf swing.”

This is simply: It is madness to try to perfect a golf swing model which the human body is not designed to copy.


That’s it.

The modern golf swing with the separating upper and lower halves, and the planted leading foot back swing are not natural moves and no amount of biomechanical analysis and experimentation will change that fact.


I can not understand for the life of me how a person attains a kinesiology  degree and/or something similar (biomechanics) and then proceeds to tout a “model” of a golf swing that involves either or both of the above-mentioned components.

These guys are alchemists trying to turn manure into gold.

Won’t happen.



It is not only illogical, it shows how you can learn everything in a school except common sense – you do not build models that are harmful to the machine you wish to perform the action.

That is malpractice, in my own insignificant opinion.

How do you get a degree in anything sports-related and teach the modern golf swing?  Wouldn’t the first thing you learned back then was how the muscles and joints work?

If you did…

Why are you teaching the modern golf swing?

tiger topSo what about Tiger Woods and his early swing that I always say was his best?

Wasn’t it a modern swing?

Yes it was, but it was more mechanically-sound than anything he’s doing now, and I’ve always said, you can swing with a planted foot when you’re young, but as you get older, you will incur injuries if you don’t change that.

Tiger Woods had a great swing for a modern swing, but that left knee snapping and the lower back compression from the torso-hip separation was causing incremental damage to his joints even back then.

And now, look where he is.

tiger addressWhat Tiger had back then was a great address position from which to then make that modern swing.

At least if he was swinging with a bad model, he was using a proper address position from which to do it.

That meant less damage, but damage nonetheless.

The modern swing will produce a generation of swingers, perhaps a couple more if things don’t change, with injuries and chronic, disabling ailments that they don’t have to risk if they will only learn a mechanically-sound swing.

But I guess I’ll watch the madness continue a while longer…


6 thoughts on “The Layman’s Guide To Biomechanics

  1. David Kondzich

    During the press conference today, Tiger said they looked at old VCR tapes of his swing in amateur days and that is his new swing. The tapes must have been altered by the heat …. they even showed a side by side view and Notah said although Tiger was loaded more in 1992 he would have been there if not for age. His swing today had that heel planted and you could see a bit of heel release in 1992. Rose colored glasses for them all.

    1. D Watts Post author

      “The tapes must have been altered by the heat” This line made my morning, David 😀 I love snark with my coffee!

      But your last phrase there about rose-colored glasses is on point – they’re going to see Stack & Tilt in Tiger’s old swing if that’s what they want to see.

      Madness. Tiger’s youthful swing was right-biased and he’ll never get back to that without a floating heel, too much damage to that left leg.

      And we all know that Tiger didn’t float the heel at 16, and he’s not about to start now. It was too much to hope for, I guess.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I don’t post anything on GolfWRX anymore, Chief – I’ll take your word for it.

      I do remember young Tony and his brother from when they both turned pro in 2007. They were also in a season of Big Break, which I began to watch but bored of quickly.

      I’ve been planning to do a piece on TF, and it’s a shame to hear he’s already got back problems. I didn’t know what I know no about swing mechanics when I watched him on the Break, so he’s due for another look for sure, Chief!

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