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Jason Zuback – Great Swing, Change The Angle

zuback dtlThe only thing I would ever critique in the “winningest” Remax Long Driver ever is his swing angle.

If your back hurts looking at Jason Zuback at the top, it’s because it should hurt looking at that position.

That position is caused by swinging on an angle that is not the same angle you’d use to hit a tree with an axe, or throw a stone over the ball as it sits on the tee.

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Not Sold On Jordan Spieth

?????????I’m sure he’s a fine young man, so it has nothing to do with personal dislike or such sorts of things.

I’m not sold on Jordan Spieth because I taken a closer look (meaning my first one) at his stats. ¬†They are not compelling, and he looks to me to be the type of hot-and-cold player that we see these days.

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A Few Pics = A Million Words (Tiger Woods & Sean Foley)

tiger tops1I had posted earlier about my intention to put up some comparison photos of Tiger Woods in the early 90’s and in 2000 with a picture of what his former swing coach¬†Sean Foley considers to be a proper pivot.

This is not to pick on either of them, but to illustrate how junk science took five years away from one of the best golfers in PGA Tour history and led to his plethora of injuries before Tiger finally pulled the plug on the deal at summer’s end.

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