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The Modern Golf Swing – Separation In the Wrong Sequence

tiger woodsTiger Woods returns to action today next week  with a rested and repaired back, and the world will be watching every swing.

Now, I’ve spent a lot of my blogging time disagreeing with the modern swing because of many different aspects.

But the most glaring example of the modern swing trying to reinvent the wheel and coming up with a square one is the whole “separation” craze on the back swing.

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Remax Long Drive – My Worst Nightmare

jeff flaggI will admit I didn’t watch the Remax Long Drive Championships last night.

First, I’m not a fan of the “winner-take-all” format that reduces the competition to a desperate lunge at the ball knowing that everyone except the winner is going home empty-handed.

It’s the Hunger Games and a demolition derby rolled into one.  Second, last night my worst nightmare came true, as I woke up this morning and saw what had happened.

I watched perhaps five minutes, tuning in just to see the interview Jamie Sadlowski gave after losing to Joe Miller early in the night’s proceedings.

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