The Better Swings Get…The More They Look The Same

snead-crowell-1A little comparison I whipped up from Sam Snead’s address position face-on and down the line versus that of Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell just today as we did some work together.

The great thing for us, even thousands of miles apart from one another, is that Jerry already understands all of the MCS terminology and concepts.

Throw in the fact that he can send me instant video from Goose Creek’s Lorena Ochoa Academy and I can respond very quickly via email or Facebook pm’s.  So he’s adopting one change after another very quickly.

Still, I can’t wait until we can spend some face-time together, what a day that will be.

Anyhow, what I said in the title applies when using a similar swing model.  Snead was a floating pivot/floating heel swinger, and so is Jerry.  So, what you’ll find is that the better swings get, the more they resemble one another at address.


Here’s a picture (above) to illustrate that, from the Wax Golf’s “Ben Hogan Project video.  You’ll see that 3 of the great players had very similar address stances when viewed dtl.

And here is the Big Toilet compared to Snead, face-on and dtl.






This is after six weeks working together again, and I asked my Wax Members over at DJ’s Watering Hole today, “What on earth were Tiger and Foley doing for four years?!?”


5 thoughts on “The Better Swings Get…The More They Look The Same

  1. chiefcowpie

    Have been floating in a 24 hr transcendence since viewing “The Ben Hogan Project.” Was on the green in regulation for the first 9 holes today and it would of been ten but a stiff breeze kicked up and knocked down my shot into a 160 yard par 3.

    What the video did for me was clarify some mental turbulence as I vacillated between swing theologies so now am seeing the truth and hitting fairways and greens with confidence of where the ball is going.

    The one point that stuck out with me was DJ’s “hitching a ride” mode for the right hand on the back swing.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Chief, you and I have to get together with the Big Toilet one day. Every day, he’s feeding me 70’s and 80’s rock through the Ochoa system when we’re looking at his video.

      Music, food for the spirit!

  2. Lance

    DJ- is the hitch hike hand move a swing thought or is it an instinctual movement that just happens naturally during the backswing?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Lance – if you have a proper address position as I describe in the video, then it happens by itself with the correct pivot action.


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