Jack Nicklaus On the Modern Golf Swing

nicklaus-ironOriginally Posted on the Smash Golf Blog May, 2011

Jack Nicklaus has some thoughts about the “modern” golf swing. Briefly, he doesn’t think too highly of it.

In Golf Magazine online, he states:

“I had one operation when I was playing,” Nicklaus said. “I had it in 1984 when I had hurt my left knee, but I hurt my left knee playing tennis, but I was 44 years old when I did it. I went and had it operated on, and I won the Skins Game 17 days later, so it obviously wasn’t a very major operation.”

He goes on to say about the “Modern Swing;”

“I think Tiger’s swing, and I think a lot of the swings of today, are far more violent at the ball than some of the old swings,” Nicklaus said. “Some of the old swings were far more rhythmic. I don’t think a lot of the swings today are as rhythmic as the old swings.

I don’t think the game is the same game from that standpoint. The game today is far more an upper body game, and we used to play more from the ground up.”

Update August 4, 2014

More importantly, they didn’t have their physical therapists on speed-dial.

Young Jack Nicklaus – Full Body Pivot


Jack Nicklaus had essentially the same swing from beginning to end, with a few minor changes/adjustments as he aged and became less limber.  But he always swung with the full-body pivot, right to the end.

But why listen to the man with the most majors won, who won majors in 3 different decades and who was the longest hitter of his day, all between fishing trips and his kids’ football games?

Just saying…

3 thoughts on “Jack Nicklaus On the Modern Golf Swing

  1. David D.

    That was a very young Jack as when I saw him the first time he played in a Montreal he was chunky.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I think the Jack in that clip was in his teens, David, so you’re correct, whenever you would have seen him. He did yo-yo a bit over the decades too, didn’t he? From Porky Pork-Pie Hat to slim, sandy-haired middle-aged guy? I wasn’t around back then 😉

  2. buddhabob

    in truth Nicklaus himself said he had been sick and lost a lot of weight just before the boy vid was taken…

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