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Numbers – Tiger’s Fields Were Not “Better & Deeper” Than Nicklaus’ Were

tiger-woods_nicklausOriginally posted on the DJ Watts Golf Blog June 29, 2013

I think this would be a fitting time, in the week in which Tiger Woods makes a move with his coaching situation to look at how Tiger’s major record stacks up against Jack Nicklaus’ record.  The Tiger Era is over, for the most part.  So let’s take a look

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Byron Nelson, the Swing Machine

byron nelson topByron Nelson is the greatest ball-striker ever on the PGA Tour, though not many would know it or even remember his name as something other than the man for whom the “Iron Byron” golf swing machine is named.

I would ask anyone who says Byron Nelson wasn’t the greatest swinger ever, why did they name the machine after him?  Tom Watson had said once that Byron hit at least two flag-sticks every round he played.

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Thank You, Sir Nick Faldo Re: Tiger Woods (Updated)


Update at Bottom

Nick Faldo’s name always brings back a golf-before-Tiger-Woods memory for me.  I didn’t grow up watching Nicklaus and Greg Norman play golf and win majors, as I came to golf in my 20’s.

Those names were just names that I heard in the evening sports in which I impatiently waited for the hockey or basketball highlights.

But Nick Faldo’s name will always stick in my mind because the first full round of golf I ever watched on TV was the final round of the ’96 Masters.

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Jack Nicklaus On the Modern Golf Swing

nicklaus-ironOriginally Posted on the Smash Golf Blog May, 2011

Jack Nicklaus has some thoughts about the “modern” golf swing. Briefly, he doesn’t think too highly of it.

In Golf Magazine online, he states:

“I had one operation when I was playing,” Nicklaus said. “I had it in 1984 when I had hurt my left knee, but I hurt my left knee playing tennis, but I was 44 years old when I did it. I went and had it operated on, and I won the Skins Game 17 days later, so it obviously wasn’t a very major operation.”

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Rory McIlroy Is Floating His Heel (Updated)

rory-mcilroy-bridgestone(Updated at Bottom – I was mistaken about Rory’s swing changes being brand new, it seems he changed his swing earlier than I thought…)

I had to go back and watch a few of Rory McIlroy’s swings again from yesterday’s final round at the Bridgestone Invitational.

I was seeing some stuff that I really liked, and it it seems that Rory has made some swing changes for the better.

And I mean, if this is not just an anomaly, that this would be great for Rory and for professional golf – the youngsters today are more likely to want to emulate Rory than Tiger Woods, and if Rory is going back to more mechanically-sound swinging, I would be personally delighted for 1. His back and future and 2. The generations that will follow him.

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