Tiger Woods = Ben Hogan? (Hint: Not)

????????????Nick Faldo took a look at Tiger Woods’ swing today and wasn’t very complimentary in comparing Tiger’s action to Ben Hogan’s.

He talked about the transition into the down swing, where he concluded that Tiger “just hasn’t quite got that…”

Just looking down the line, you can see the difference in the stance, then when Tiger swings, you can see the separation between the hips and the torso…

So Faldo is correct, but why even try to compare?

Oh, and the video with Sir Nick:


Note: I had the link here for the video embed but it doesn’t seem to work… maybe now it will…

The one thing Sir Nick didn’t mention was the obvious difference in swing models – Ben Hogan was a Classic Golf Swinger and Tiger is a Modern Golf Swinger.

Hogan used his hips and legs to pivot, even after his near-fatal car wreck, and you can see the heel lift and full hip turn:

The Modern Golf Swing uses the back twist, and this is why TW had back surgery while Hogan could still play golf even after his car wreck.

You shouldn’t be using the back to turn the shoulders, rather the hips and legs.

6 thoughts on “Tiger Woods = Ben Hogan? (Hint: Not)

  1. pwerban

    It’s only getting worse as the day progresses. He had to hit a 5 wood out of the rough from 208yds. He needs another 3 months to heal.

    1. D Watts Post author

      His stamina seems sorely lacking, that was a truly dragging back nine… but then, how much conditioning do you get in a couple of weeks after not playing and walking for 3 months?

      Truly bizarre, but I’m just a swing guy.

    1. D Watts Post author

      lol too much msattler – But I don’t think I’m the guy.

      I’m sure someone out there could tell him what Hogan did and how to replicate the action… he needs a new direction, and one that doesn’t take four years and counting with talk of ” finally getting it,” after all that time… just my opinion, of course.

  2. Buddhabob

    there is so much tension in Woods. Its palpable. It will only hurt his results. The very thing he does least is what would help him the most. Relax. This is a word that is not in his vocabulary.

    But he is an older athlete now, he cannot muscle or will his way now and he does not intimidate anyone on the links. If by some far chance he could begin to relax he would then be open to swing changes, freedom of motion and ease of results. His putting looks terrible.

    He looks like he is bowing his head for the axeman. Tension kills. The tension in Tiger is palpable.

  3. Brandon

    His age hasn’t given him wisdom. I’m not even 30 and I already learned that you can’t press. You have to let things happen and respond. When you are stronger, faster and more focused than everyone you compete against you can just go, but that is what happens to alot of great athletes that don’t grow.

    Michael Jordan isn’t the G.O.A.T because he pressed so hard, it was because he was the best at adjusting to what was in front of him during a game. He knew his limits as he got older and he catered to them. He became more tactical instead of dunking on everybody or breaking ankles. He developed his full range game.

    Lebron James has evolved that way as well and he is head and shoulders the best player in the NBA. Adrian Peterson learned patience and he is arguably the best RB in the NFL.

    Tiger wants to be the best at everything including minute details and that is what hurts. He believes that pushing through hard work is how he is going to get there. The problem is you can’t get there without understanding why what you are doing is working or not working.

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