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U.S. Open Thursday – Phil Mickelson Edition (Updated)


Update at bottom – June 12, 2014

I dug up this archived posting on Phil from my Smash Golf blog days, and while the comparison to Mike Austin is not something I’d do today, there’s nothing in this posting that I’d say is incorrect.

I noticed that Phil has birdied his first hole in this the 2014 U.S. Open, 1st round – could he complete his career Slam with a victory this weekend?  It’s a tall order for a 44 year old who hasn’t been on his game in recent months, but we’re talking about Phil – anything is possible!

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Somax Hates Rory’s Swing (Updated)

stability score

**Update: I’ve embedded the actual video below in the posting

I’ll be heading out this afternoon with Todd to conduct the Golfability program in Peterborough this evening.

It will be my first time working with the physically-challenged on how to swing a golf club, so I’m looking forward to the experience.

On another note relating to the golf swing, I thought I’d offer you something Wax reader Peter A. sent to me about Rory McIlroy’s swing.

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