Harrison Shafts Still Using My Picture

?????Remember Harrison Shafts?

Those of you who were reading my DJ Watts Golf blog back in the summer of  ’11 will remember that I was told my avatar picture was being used in a page on Long Driving on that website.

Well, guess what?
It’s still there!  What is it about this picture that people love?

John Marshall commented on it once, saying it was the full extension of both arms just past impact.
Harrison-Smash Golf

That kind of goes with the video I just posted on the acceleration and power being directed at the swing bottom, wouldn’t you say?

That’s how you do it, apparently.

I feel old looking at it now, as it was from a swing of mine back in 2008.

Where does the time go?

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4 thoughts on “Harrison Shafts Still Using My Picture

  1. jmwald

    Thats great dj…. No residuals? 😉
    It is a really good picture for sure….and i agree that it supports your part two iron post

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks JM! No residuals, but it does give me bragging rights of sorts 😉

    1. D Watts Post author

      lol kidcharlemagne – I got an email once from a well-known golf instructor who wanted to know where I got the Ben Hogan picture on my website… I had to break his heart and tell him it was actually me – below, from a wedge swing around the same time that year…


      As you say…must be the hat! 😉

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