Hogan Knew the Secret

HoganOriginally Published Sept 19, 2013 – This is something that should be emphasized – the lower body driving the swing /update

Ben Hogan, one of the greatest ball-strikers in pro golf history, had a “secret” that he kept mentioning cryptically.

Many different theories evolved as to exactly what the secret was. Let me give you the real secret of Ben Hogan’s swing. Even when he could barely walk 18 holes due to crippling injuries from a car wreck that nearly killed him, he was using that secret to fuel his swing and winning. What is the secret?

The real secret is that you don’t swing with your arms, but with your body.  The lower legs, hips and core turn the body, and the arms follow.  Hogan even says that most people, the majority, don’t do this.

Watch Ben Hogan tell you this secret in the clip below.

Ben Hogan And the Real Secret

Take note of the arms and club as Hogan begins his downswing with the leg and hip action.

See how the arms and club come around? Leading side Leverage. See how the arms and clubs just drop as he gets to the end of the “pump” drill? Gravity Drop.

The great swingers always did a good many things right, even when their swings had mechanical flaws.

Ben Hogan knew what he had to do. And that’s why a guy with almost no strength or endurance left in his lower body was able to play into his 50’s.  The legs and hips, even at reduced strength, are much more powerful than the strongest arms and hands.

Ask Hogan. He’d have told you.

Then again, he probably wouldn’t have, until he was finished playing competitively.