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Jimmy Thomson, Monster Long Driver

Originally posted on DJ Watts Golf blog Feb 15, 2012

I dug this old post up from the former blog, as looking at JT’s address and swing motion here are nearly bang-on with the MCS model and address position, especially the current MCS as shown in the MPS “B” or Playing Swing video. ¬†

Hello to JM, who sent me this book to look at back then!

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Mike Dunaway’s Shock Absorbers

Mike-DunawayIf you look at this video compilation of Mike Dunaway’s swings back when he was the dominant driver on the planet (John Daly said MD was longer than him, Greg Norman called him the best driver of the ball that ever lived, etc.), you’ll see what I was talking about in my posting on the knees being “shock absorbers.”

I want to also mention Mike’s website¬†Dunaway Long, for those who weren’t aware that he has returned to golf after a lengthy absence.

It has always been a mystery to me why Mike Dunaway wasn’t a household name in golf from the ’90s going forward.

Swing techniques have improved over the years, but you still won’t see a better swing action than Dunaway’s from years ago.

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Leading Side Leverage & The Trebuchet

trebuchetOriginally published July 25, 2013

Many of my readers will remember my postings in earlier days on the “trebuchet” effect found in the golf swing.

Now, the “trebuchet” concept I brought up from time to time didn’t really work for some people in the sense that it was more a vague notion explaining the “drop” of the head to the rear and back during the down swing.

It seems there would be another way to explain leading side leverage however – the trebuchet!

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