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dj-mps-b-impact.jpgOriginally published September 18, 2009

I’ve been doing some stuff getting ready for Easter weekend and seeing if the weather would be good enough to go to the range today, but does’t look good.

I thought I’d post another oldie from the Smash Golf blog when I was playing golf the summer of ’09 rather than doing range work.

Re-reading it now, I can see where my obsession for more and more distance had taken hold – I drove a 355 yard hole on this day and yet I was more impressed with the 370 yard poke on a par-5 hole, by the title I chose.  Probably had to do with the following wind, I figured it was cheating.

Go figure.

Another thing that struck me is that I remember now I was shooting rounds in the 70’s even though I didn’t work at all on anything that season.  I didn’t hit balls at the range, I just went to the course and teed it up.  If I had a few minutes, I might chip and putt on the shaggy practice green, but not very much of that at all.

Not too shabby.

It was a fun summer.

Here it is:

I Hit a 373 Yard Drive Today

Now that I’m settling into a swing that suits me, I’m starting to really see some neat things on the golf course. Today was a wild and woolly day, blustery and cool with swirling winds, and it was a real task choosing the right clubs on certain holes.

One thing is certain, and that’s that my ball-striking is getting more and more reliable and repeatable. But the highlights of today were two drives I hit, albeit wind-aided.

I had already hit a 300 yard drive into the teeth of the wind on the par-5 second, and on the 355 yard par-4 fifth hole, where I usually now hit a hybrid or long iron, I decided to go with driver as the wind was helping.

The closest I’d gotten before was about 15 yards short into a slight breeze. I nailed a low riser down the right side of the fairway and my playing partners said, “Oh, that’ s going to be close…”

It was better than close. I was looking for my ball near the green, wondering if I’d lost it, when one of my partners asked if the ball on the right fringe of the green was mine. I’d thought it was his, but when I checked it, it was mine after all. I’d knocked it through the front just past the right green-side bunker to the right back fringe.

On the 520 yard par-5 eighth hole, I teed up the ball with the wind at my back and took a nice, hard rip with the driver. Right on impact, all four of us knew that it was going to be monster-long. I nailed it flush, it was a slight draw down the middle of the fairway, and had the perfect (for my drives) trajectory. I found the ball 3 yards inside the 150 marker about six feet off the fairway left. That’s over 370 yards.


It was a so-so scoring day for me, however. I ended up with par on both those holes, three-putting the 5th and hitting a gap-wedge to the 8th that sailed left on the cross-wind and failing to get up and down for birdie.

I tripled the par-4 tenth after a topped drive and a topped second shot, eagled the 12th hole (par-5) with a 9 iron from 150 yards into the wind to about 8 feet, and then doubled the 13th and 14th hitting poor tee shots into cross-winds that gobbled them and took them into hazards, and shot a humdrum 77 after going even par through the front nine.

A most inconsistent day, but the entire round was like a highlight and blooper reel combined.

I was still very pleased with my ball-striking because every bad shot was not from the technique but as a result of lapsed concentration and sloppiness. I had a bunch of birdie putts burn the edge of the cup and didn’t miss a putt inside 8 feet.

I’m getting to the level where a horrid day stays in the 70’s instead of my best rounds being in the 70’s, and I’m starting to feel as if I should be shooting par…not bad after my first season playing serious golf in nearly ten years. I can feel sub-par rounds on a consistent basis coming.

In the meantime, I’m having a blast playing golf again.

Oh, and one of my playing associates (Sean Kim) wanted to know how I hit the ball so far last week. I’ve started giving him pointers on the full swing, and today, he hit a 297 yard drive, by far the longest drive he’s ever hit.

I promised him last week that I could have him driving the ball 300 yards, no sweat.

3 yards to go before he can say it.

7 thoughts on “My 373 Yard Drive – Smash Golf Archive

  1. Seb

    Happy Easter to you and yours DJ :-).

    I’m off to the range a bit later on to try the new ball placement and see how I fare.

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Thank you Seb and Happy Easter to you & family!

      Go hit’em and I’d love to see some video if you’re inclined.

      1. Seb

        Alas, I have no method of securing my phone to the bay. Maybe some nice person will help me out there. I’ll see what I can do mate.

        1. DJ Watts Post author

          Anytime, Seb! And I’m off to the range myself to hit some balls, it’s 8C out and warm enough considering I haven’t swung since Monday. Too long! 😦

          Back this afternoon with some posting.

          1. Seb

            Huge difference with having the ball more towards the left foot! Same solid contact but loads more distance and tons of roll on all clubs. Easily hit my pw 140+ today, 9 iron 150-160+. Didn’t break out the driver in case I took out the people at the bottom of the range lol.
            I did have trouble with my 3 Wood though, changing the ball position made solid contact harder and I topped a few of them and hit some slices with it which I wasn’t very impressed with. Irons were perfect though.

            1. DJ Watts Post author

              Those are pretty good numbers, Seb!

              Just remember with the 3w to think of it more as a long iron that you want to sweep off the ground or as a driver off the tee – might have been a little too far forward if you were slicing it. I know you’ll figure it out 🙂

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