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Smash Golf – Nearly Driving a 360 Yard Hole & 360 Yard Drive

18th-holeI’ve dug up a couple more posts from my summer of playing golf back in 2009 (and actually the first posting is from the summer of 2010, about a month after the Smash Golf MCS video release).

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Blast From the Past – Driving a 350 Yard Hole

6th-hole-350-yardsIt seems winter is conspiring against me, knowing how eager I am to get back out there for the 2014 season and seeing how it’s still freezing out there.  

At least most of the snow and ice are gone with a recent couple of days above zero, but come on… last year, we were out of doors (with some ranges, including my facility) by mid-March.

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Controlling Power With The Hips

*Originally published on the Smash Golf blog Jan 6, 2011 – still relevant!

If you have a proper address position (again, the Fundamentals Trifecta comes into play in any discussion on the golf swing), the hips can play a very large factor providing the leverage needed to generate effortless power, even with irons.

In the iron swing photo below, you’ll see how much movement there is in my lower body, all with the intent of creating maximum leverage from the top of the back swing down through impact. Continue reading