Remember – We Are Not Machines

There are things about us that make swinging different from a machine swinging.  We are not made of metal or wood, with rigid and inflexible parts that move with cables or hydraulics or magnetic fields.

Machines don’t have balance issues.  Iron Byron doesn’t have legs, so he doesn’t even pivot.  The Iron Byron swing is a purely arm swing, with one centered arm and pivot point.  It can accelerate a club pretty much as fast as you want with the settings.  We can’t.

We couldn’t swing like Iron Byron if we tried, and the Modern Golf Swing school of thought is providing spectacular proof of that as it tries to convince us that we can.

We have a maximum that we can’t increase with settings and a desire to “turn it up another two…”  We have a definite maximum.

We also have to try to reach that maximum with a pivot.  Shifting one’s weight from one foot to the next while keeping one’s C7 stable is a great way to pivot.  It’s also how we walk, run and dance, for most part.

C7 Vertebra – At The Base Of The Neck

When you swing using the C7 as the pivot point, this is where we can imitate the machine’s pivot point, but our engines/motors are what’s beneath the C7.

The C7 can shift if you’re moving laterally or your head is going up and down, or it can remain stable, and that will affect your swing motion.

You should want that swing point to be stable, to maximize leverage combined with accuracy and consistency.

We are also flexible.  You should use that to your advantage.  I have been told for years now that my posture is flawed.  It isn’t. I’m using my body’s natural flexibility to stand and hold the club properly.  That means some will think I’m slouching or stoop-shouldered.

No, I’m allowing my spine to bend and my shoulders to “round forward”  in the relaxed spine position of the Classic Golf Swing era, to take my hold on the club properly:

Snead, Hogan & Nicklaus – No Stiff Spine Position!

I couldn’t do that with a ramrod-straight spine and shoulders.  That’s where some of you are finding difficulty in the stance, most likely.

Let the spine flex, don’t try to be angular.  We’re told that there are no straight lines in nature, but here are many curves.  So let the spine do what it wants to do, don’t fight it.

In short, let’s swing like people and not try to copy machines and machine movement.

What do I mean?

I mean, stop obsessing over every location and movement of every single muscle and simply focus on doing what you want to do – swing the club properly.

Just like you swing a stick.  It doesn’t take much thought once you’re in the right position.