Vijay Singh Has a GREAT Swing

????????????Originally Posted January 27, 2013. Re-posted because his swing isn’t “ugly,” Mr. Chamblee

I’ve written about Vijay Singh before, about how he and Jack Nicklaus come so close to having perfect MCS swings, and no one ever really looks at what made them so successful.

No, they haven’t

If they did, they’d see what I see and be teaching their students a motion based on Singh or Nicklaus if they didn’t want to hear about MCS.

You want to see a nearly flawless MCS-type Pivot? Take a look at Vijay’s swing from December of 2012 (and yes, he turns 50 in ’13).

Let’s look at a swing sequence:


Vijay’s positions looks so good:

1. Address – Except for the hands being so close to his body because of his knee flex and bending forward over the ball, his Address is nearly perfect. A little more flex in the right knee or less in the left would tilt his hips and shoulders to the Austin/MCS degree.

2. At the Top – Look at the pivot into the right leg and hip, and the coil with the left leg allowing a good, relaxed back swing around the C7.

3. Impact – A little hang-back (can’t see ball position, maybe a little back of where optimal would be), but you can take that impact position to 3 Major victories and 22 Wins After Turning 40.

4. Finish – That’s a balanced, have-a-nice-day position, wouldn’t you say?

Not much to say about Vijay Singh’s swing except, “Uh, no MCS swingers on Tour? How about the most Majors ever and 70+ wins (Jack Nicklaus), and Vijay?”

Seriously, the young guys need to get Tiger Woods out of their heads, save their back and knees and look at old film of Nicklaus and any video of Vijay, ever.