Hunter Mahan Doesn’t Use His Hips (New Foley Video)

mahan at impact“This isn’t even wrong….”

I’m updating this post to include a video clip of Sean Foley describing how to hit one’s irons.

Notice how he says, “That’s gonna give you the slide I need with the hips…”

Now, remember that you don’t use your hips in the golf swing, according to Mr. Mahan.


Originally posted July 28, 2013

I do believe Hunter has written the funniest thing I’ve ever read about the golf swing.

No, seriously.  I don’t think he meant it as a joke, but…

This is what Hunter Mahan has to say about the role of the hips in the golf swing in an instructional article from

I see this all the time in pro-ams, an error that comes from overturning the hips at the start of the downswing. As I mentioned in Move 3, don’t worry about what your hips are doing. Hip turn is vastly overrated — your hips have nothing to do with power.

I think Sean Foley  may be a genius.  If you can convince Hunter Mahan that hips don’t matter in the down swing when trying to create power, then you may well be the new Rasputin.

It could also explain why Tiger Woods currently can’t hit a Driver or 3-wood off a tee to save his life, to the point he hit a 200 yard layup on the par 5 17th hole at Muirfield in the 3rd Round, leaving him 50 yards behind Lee Westwood on their 2nd shots.  Westwood made birdie, Woods bogeyed the hole…

That’s only Tip 4 in the wonderful 6 offered by Hunter.  Among the other gems, Push Off With Your Right Foot on the down swing and Hold Your Finish.

Below is the actual picture posted beside the actual paragraph I’ve just quoted:

Hunter Mahan Not Using His Hips… Yeah… OK…

mahan at impact


Even the modern swing golfers talk about adding power to the swing with the hips during the down swing.  They just neglect to give the hips the respect they’re due on the back swing.

But to say that “The hips have nothing to do with power…?”

That’s perhaps the craziest thing I’ve heard anyone say about the golf swing, ever

And I’ve heard some crazy things…


And hey, don’t just take it from me.  You might recognize this guy, pushing the exact opposite of what Hunter is saying.

Ben Hogan Says, “What?!?”

Note: It’s amazing what else you see in a swing when you figure out the mechanically-correct swing theory.  Looking at this clip, I’m impressed by Hogan’s kinetic chain.


Another Note: And when Sean Foley describes “loading the right hip,” in his video, he isn’t doing that.  Watch Hogan in the above clip, and see how Hogan actually moved into the right hip.

Look at his finish – can you imagine swinging as hard as you can with a mechanical action like that?

His swing philosophy is essentially “Stack & Stilt By Another Name…”

And you wonder why Tiger harpoons…