The Original 350 Man – Mike Dunaway

Mike-DunawayMike Dunaway was honored last week at the opening of the 2013 Remax World Long Drive Championship.

Mike of course is the most famous of Mike Austin’s students, but many don’t know how instrumental Dunaway was to the sport of long driving.  Many don’t know that the Callaway Big Bertha technology was developed in the 80’s with Dunaway as the company’s tester.  His feedback led directly to the Big Bertha.

He was also the inspiration for Art Sellinger, founder of Long Drivers of America.

More here in the piece by James Achenbach of GolfWeek online:

When the late Ely Callaway purchased Hickory Stick Golf and in the late 1980s turned it into Callaway Golf, he contacted Dunaway, who became Callaway’s human version of Iron Byron. By his count, Dunaway says he hit about 22,000 shots in an 11-month period. His testing resulted in the go-ahead for the Big Bertha driver.

Mike Dunaway Hits a 375 Yard Green With Driver

It’s good to see Mike Dunaway receiving the attention now that he surely deserved all those years ago when golf was still relatively a niche sport.  Heck, it’s still a niche sport today.

Take away Tiger Woods and who’s watching golf on television nowadays?

Anyways, Mike Dunaway was an original.

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