WOW – Henrik Stenson’s Incredible MCS Swing

Henrik Stenson of Sweden tees off on the first hole during the final round of the British Open golf Championship at Muirfield in ScotlandYou want to know why Henrik Stenson kills the ball and doesn’t even look as if he’s swinging hard?

I might have taken a look at his swing years ago but didn’t see anything remarkable (he was very inconsistent, I might have only looked at his slo-mo swings back in ’09 when he won the Players’ Championship).

I caught some of his win in the Deutche Bank last week and decided today to see if there were any good clips of his recent swings on Youtube.  His swing looked pretty good, but I didn’t catch any good angles in the tournament when I was watching.

Good thing I did.  I don’t know when he changed his swing, but Mr. Stenson has a great-looking and pretty damned good New MCS swing motion.

In fact, you can even see him switching from the front-weighted address preferred by the pros to the right-leg weight balance that is in the New MCS Formula.  The only thing is that Stenson starts with a conventional weight balance but then shifts it to the New MCS Formula balance before the take-away.

Henrick Stenson – Down the Line


From there, his swing looks exactly the same as anyone else who would be swinging MCS-style.  He’s got the great pivot into the “back pocket” established by the pre-swing weight shift.  Then the turn to the top, the nice little left-heel-lift to show the complete transfer of weight and full leverage crank to the top…

Then a nice transfer of the weight starting with the lower body, and he just pummels that ball, never looking as if he’s going to break a sweat.


Are you ready for a shock?

Take a look at this swing from the facing-camera angle.

You want to see the New MCS Formula on the PGA Tour?

Henrick Stenson’s “Formula” Address


Take a look at Stenson’s:

  • Ball Position
  • Foot Angles
  • Head Position to Right Knee At Address
  • Right Elbow Alignment to the Right Hip
  • Left Arm angle at the Press
  • Weight Shift to the Right Leg Before the Swing (slightly different from the Formula in that you start with the weight there).

This is incredible – I probably couldn’t find a more New MCS Formula address position from a pro golfer if I gave one lessons.  All I would change with Stenson is to narrow that stance a hair, remove the “squatting” aspect of his posture, and Henrik Stenson would be a prime candidate to teach the theory and mechanics of Mike Austin’s perfected motion (he’s already MCS, nothing I could tell him!).

Wow… I’m still looking at this address position…



10 thoughts on “WOW – Henrik Stenson’s Incredible MCS Swing

  1. David

    Great piece, DJ. I hadn’t really noticed his little rearward adjustment to his address position before starting his backswing, but there it is. You nailed it.

    I remember during his win last week, NBC posted a graph showing that, for the year, he has had way more putts from 10-25 feet than the rest of the field, thanks to his ball striking. The man swings like a machine.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Stenson is the guy currently who shows (Nicklaus and Norman did that too) how ridiculously easy golf can appear to be with a solid, consistent and accurate swing.

      The guy pelts it, he hits it as long as anyone else out there, and yet he saunters around the course looking like he’s playing in a pro-am. Sure, he’s playing hard, they all are – but that swing takes a lot of pressure off the putter and the rest of the short game.

      That’s how you play golf, in my humble opinion. Fairways, greens, birdie/eagle putts. I don’t like “find it and get it to the green” golf, never have, and I will always have a bias towards the pure ball-strikers over the “scrambling scorers” for my best golfers.

      1. D Watts Post author

        Hi Andreas,

        The site says he’s been with Cowan since ’01. What I’d be interested to know is how this newest stance came about, through Cowan’s tutelage or something that Henrik worked to in the last while…

        1. Andreas

          Not sure about the swing but his mental coach Torsten, that he has worked with in the past, started again about a year ago and he credits him alot for the success of late. So can´t shed light on the swing changes but it coincides with his mental game.

            1. David

              Wasn’t Lee Westwood with Cowen for many years? A solid ball striker but not MCS by any stretch of the imagination. So I would guess Cowen is not responsible for the MCS move.

  2. bjcooke2013

    “Find it and get it to the green”.
    aka “bomb & gouge”. Hard to idolize that. Too much work. Not my idea of Sunday fun.

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