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Ryan Winther Just Increased His Odds

???????????Confession Time.

The funny thing is that Ryan Winther is (in just my opinion, and I don’t want to jinx the guy) a huge favorite anyways going into October’s Remax Long Drive Championship.

He’s setting club, ball and carry distance records almost daily, for crying out loud, and he likely really only has to stay healthy and remember where the competition is being held to take another title.

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Waiting For Tiger Woods’ Return

US golfer Tiger Woods stands on the 14thPattern Recognition – I tend to see patterns in behavior, nature etc, and I make little assessments all the time that have people doubt me, laugh at me, whatever – until I turn out to be either right or pretty close to it.

I see another pattern in Tiger Woods’ career that others don’t seem to have caught, and that is that however well he is playing, however many tournaments he wins – his majors run is just about over, if not already.

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