Don’t Throw The Club At The Target

Drv2 July 26 (1)This is something I keep seeing in instructional videos on TV.

Why are you throwing the club at the target?  Is the ball anywhere near that release point?

NO, it’s NOT

The ball is on the ground, and when you swing an ax into a tree, you don’t imagine swinging through the tree and releasing the ax to your left.

If you were going to “throw” the ax into the tree, you’d do exactly that – the release point is where the “throw” should be occurring, which is at impact…

So, you should be thinking of releasing the club at the swing bottom, whatever shot you’re hitting.

With a PW shot, the ball is before the swing bottom, but you’re swinging through the arc and not at the ball, right?  So the release point should be somewhere near the swing bottom.

Drv2 July 26 (1)

It’s a very simple concept if you think about it instead of taking what someone tells you at face value – you release a ball at a target because that’s where you’re throwing it.

If you were to throw something into a ball to make it move forward (say a baseball thrown at a beach ball sitting on a wooden tee in front of you), you’d release that ball into the other ball, not at the direction of the desired ball motion.

If you swing to release the club at the target, you’re releasing long after impact has occurred, so I don’t see the purpose.

If I released my Driver at all, it would fly into the ground a little ahead of the ball and to the right of the target line.

And that’s about all there is to it!