Rickie Fowler – Making Bad Worse

rickie_fowlerOriginally posted on the DJ Watts Golf Blog April 21, 2013

Rickie Fowler’s quote from this clip – “I’ve always fought a little back pain.”

His next quote is the best, however:

I’ve always had lower back pain. It’s always going to be there, so…”

“Yikes…” is all I can say…

Watch the clip, you’ll be amazed.

The very thing causing Rickie’s back pain is what he’s working on the hardest – keeping his hips down and driving through the ball (can you say “crunch?”)



The written quote from the article says this:

If you play a lot of golf, a bad swing habit will exact a physical toll no matter your age or fitness level. Here’s how I fixed my swing at the gym.

Ever heard of fixing the swing, Rickie?  Like, getting rid of what’s actually causing the back pain?

That funky swing of yours, for example?

Like letting that left heel float the way it should, so you don’t look like this at the top of the back swing…

These guys may be good

But they’re not rocket scientists…

And perhaps a twenty-something guy with back problems is not the guy to be writing an article on pain-free golf swings.

Just a thought…