Moe Norman’s Gravity Drop

moe impactOriginally posted at DJ Watts Golf on April 11, 2013

If you ever heard Moe Norman talk about the golf swing, he was always about effortless power while everyone else performed “powerless effort.”

Even though he was a very short hitter, Moe could hit balls all day long because of how he swung. Part of the trick of course was his “gravity drop.”

Moe had a very wide stance so he lost a lost of acceleration and power into the ball – if he’d stood taller and with a narrower stance, he’d have been able to add some left-side leverage to the swing and be longer and just as straight. But whatever.

Watch Moe at the beginning of the clip, right at 0:07 or so – that lunging move Moe does – that’s a move letting his arms and hands drop behind him and through the impact zone.

Again, the wide stance reduced his power, it didn’t increase it. But the gravity drop is right there, and that’s how Moe could hit the millions of balls he hit without getting tired.

Gravity takes no effort.

Swinging hard takes a lot…