Rickie Fowler – That Was Fast…

Originally published on the DJ Watts Golf Blog October 12, 2012

I said not even five months ago, when I wrote the blog on Rickie Fowler’s swing mechanics and possible back issues that I don’t like to do this, because it seems as if I’m rooting for trouble.

Of course, that couldn’t be further from the case.

All I do is ask myself, “How would my back/knees/hips feel if I tried to swing like that?”

If, as in the case of young Rickie, you can’t even imagine getting to such positions without some genetic mutation, then you know that basically, this is not a healthy swing.

So, this morning, I see the news in the golf world that:

Rickie Fowler has canceled plans to play in the KOLON Korea Open and the CIMB Classic in the next two weeks citing back problems.

“I have battled a back issue for the past few months, and my doctors have instructed me that international travel and any tournament play is not in my best interest at this time,” Fowler said in a statement. “They have instructed me rather to focus on a therapy regimen in order to find relief as well as prevent potential issues in the future.”

Rickie Fowler Getting Twisted


I’m not a doctor, but rather than focusing on a therapy regimen, young Rickie might be better suited figuring out a more mechanically-sound golf swing.

You know, so he can still walk when he’s forty years old.

Sigh… too bad no one could have seen this coming…