Bubba Watson, Revolutionary?

(Originally posted on the DJ Watts Golf blog and bumped  on April 8, 2012 to honor Bubba’s awesome 2012 Masters victory)

I’ve written before about Bubba Watson (how can one talk about the golf swing and not mention Bubba?), regarding his classic rather than modern golf swing technique.

Watching him dismantle the Blue Monster at Doral (sure, he’s only 3 strokes in the lead, but the distance he hits the ball is much more exciting to watch then watching, say, Luke Donald or even Rory- he’s turned the Blue Monster into a pitch-n-putt), I couldn’t help but wonder if Bubba might be the man to make the average golfer reconsider the classic swing method over the modern swing.

Bubba is 6’3″ and although he only weighs 180lbs, his power off the tee and with his irons is awesome to behold.

It’s all due to the full-body turn (notice the floating heel) and the leverage he creates with the classic golf swing, and this guy is going to be around for some time, because it’s virtually impossible to hurt yourself swinging in the classic style.

Bubba’s Driver Swing

Note: Watch Bubba’s leading foot “stomp” as he starts the down swing with a superb weight and hip shift to the target, and his “trebuchet drop” into the impact…

I still take issue with his squared front foot at address, which causes that ballet pirouette as he swings through impact, spinning his right foot (he’s a lefty, for us it would be the left foot) on the toe as he turns to the finish.  If his address position were adjusted to have his right foot flared, this wouldn’t happen.

Bubba – Driver Down the Line

Bubba Hits Iron

Watch how much more controlled Bubba is with his irons.  Beautiful action, and much less ballet-dancing…

That aside, he will always have balance and consistency issues swinging with that ballet foot spin, but if he continues to play that way he’s been playing this weekend (he already has 3 wins since Tiger’s last Tour victory), could it be too much to hope that the classic swing comes back into vogue?

I know, I know, not if the industry has anything to do with it, but if enough people want to know how to learn to swing in the classic style, going back to the days of Nicklaus, Tom Watson and the like… you never know, supply and demand…

A man can hope.