What’s My Swing Speed?

dj finish rear view

Originally posted on the DJ Watts Golf blog June 22, 2011

It was raining today, and Steve’s question about my ball flight and loft took me to Golf Town, where I was looking to get a swing speed radar, that device that can measure club head speed and ball speed.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have this product (though I know they did last year), so I wandered over to the clubs section to check out the Drivers.

I decided to give the Adams Speedline and Callaway Diablo Edge drivers a couple of whacks in the Testing Centre.

Get ready for this.

I didn’t care much for the Adams driver. The balls were going right and my maximum drive with it was 340 yards. My club head speed was 136 mph and the ball speed was 192 mph. Unfortunately, the spin was over 5000 rpm, which is why my flight resembled a big rainbow balloon.

The Diablo was awesome. It has an Aldila 60 Stiff flex Habanero shaft and 9.5 degrees loft.

After a couple of warmup drives to get the feel of it, I hit 6 drives with the following average stats:

Distance – 350 Yards

Club Head Speed – 135 mph

Ball Speed – 191 mph

I was very impressed with the Diablo, so much so that I bought it, since it was brand new and on sale at a bargain-basement clearance price. I was saying that I’d be happy to get a fitted driver that would give me 350 yard drives, and I found one in a store rack!

Funny Story

When I was hitting the Diablo, a young pro-shop fellow came around the corner a couple of seconds after one drive. I was watching the screen and writing down the stats, when he said, “You’re going to find that’s one of those where the monitor has the ball going forever.”

“Really?” I said, looking down at my numbers on the sheet.

“Yeah,” he said, “Not trying to make you feel bad, sometimes the monitor gets an off reading.”

“That’s weird,” I said, looking again at my sheet. “My three last drives were 355, 350 and 350…”

OH,” the young guy said, “Is that your normal distance?”

“There or about,” I said.

“OK… then…. never mind, I guess,” he said, looking as if he detected the strong odour of B.S.

I teed up the ball and hit another one, about 352 yards, and the guy said, “Oh, O.K.! The machine’s working. You have a huge swing arc!”


I’m betting I can hit this Driver even longer than 350 once I get used to it. I used to hit drives of over 300 yards and then go into places like Golf Town, and could never hit balls that distance on the simulator.

Plus, I was hitting drives in my running shoes, without having warmed up. Just walked in out of the parking lot and decided to hit a few. If I was getting the readings I got with the Diablo, I figure in good conditions, 350 will be the low range of my best drives with this club.