Rory McIlroy – Modern Swing Claims Another Victim

Originally published on the Smash Golf blog Feb 09, 2010, edited to update content

I wrote a post about Rory McIlroy’s golf swing earlier and what I didn’t like about it.

Back then, I wrote about his action going back to the top:

You can swing like Rory as well, if you’re fairly fit and flexible.

But you’re courting lower back problems as you get older, due to the stress it puts on the lower back in particular, but many other parts of the body.

Rory at Impact – Iron

Rory McIlroy Hitting an Iron Shot

Word is now coming out that I may have been mistaken about how long Rory would have before incurring some sort of lower back injury. I thought he might have a couple or several years due to his youth and athleticism, but he’s apparently already hurting.

Here’s what I’m reading in the U.K.’s Guardian publication;

Rory McIlroy, the young Ulsterman anointed by many as a future world No1, suffered the first injury setback of his professional career yesterday, under­going a scan for a back injury caused by over-practising in his efforts to get ready for the new season.

The 20-year-old, whose long and fluid swing has long given rise to concerns he might put too much strain on his back, underwent the scan at a Belfast hospital last night. “This is something we have been aware about for a long time and we are on top of it. It is a problem, but it is very manageable,” a spokesman for McIlroy said last night…

I don’t know how manageable a lower back injury will be for a young man who should be in the flower of his athletic life, and who will continue to swing the way he does.

I have issues with the modern golf swings I see on the professional tours.  This is why.