I Nearly Drove A 400 Yard Hole

d3sloOriginally Posted on the Smash Golf Blog On August 28, 2009

I was playing a friendly skins game yesterday with a teaching pro who is also a member where I play golf, and I was working on a left hand grip adjustment and a weighting balance change to my stance.

It seemed to be the key, because I was striking the ball beautifully, and not just on a couple of holes. Of course, my distance control was off because the change added power to my swing.

The highlight of the day was a drive I launched on the 400 yard par 4 fourth hole. We had already played 18 holes and decided to play 1, 4 and 5 again before dark. It was nearly dusk, so the air was cooler and thicker than earlier in the day. Still I nailed a drive dead on the screws right at the green, way over the left fairway bunker (about 275 yards out) and crushed.

We knew it was a long drive when the guys ahead of us turned around and looked back while putting out on the green. But we had no idea…

I found my ball about ten yards short of the green.

Measuring 10 yards from the front to the centre of the green, which is 400 yards from the tee box, that would make it a drive of approximately 380 yards, 20 yards longer than my previous longest drive.

This on a day that I birdied the 3 par 5’s on the course and made par on the two monster par 3’s, all because I was striking the ball long and straight all day.

Oh, and I won my skins match, which made it a very good day, indeed!