MCS Swing Theory Adds Another Puzzle Piece

dj 5iI am telling you, my friends – I don’t know how much better this new video project can get.

What I do know is that the MCS Swing Theory on how to swing with minimal or no heel lift – it is going to blow every modern swing guru’s theories out of the water – because they don’t have in their models what is in MCS – mechanical correctness and athletic soundness.

I was actually worrying about how to present the two different swing models from the same theory (Floating Heel MCS  vs the Planted Heel MCS), because I didn’t know how I could make it so concise as to fit into one video.

But then, as always, something floated out of the sky this morning while I was going over positioning and mechanics – and that something is a visual concept that will not only make both models relatively easy to present (the main mechanical action of both swings remains the same, with a slight variance in the pivot action, of course).

plant heel driver


I also can not impress on my long-time readers how much better this video is becoming than even the last one, which I assumed would be my last.

I have left the Advance Order option available through July to make sure everyone who has supported the blog gets this video at a bargain-basement rate.


When the link comes down, that will be it for discounts… just saying… and this is likely the last time I’ll mention it, as we’ve only a couple of days left in the month.

So, I’m going to be watching the Canadian Open this afternoon – we haven’t had a Canadian winner since Pat Fletcher’s win in 1954, and he was English-born.  The last Canadian-born champ won before WWI (1914), so it’s been a while…

David Hearn on the other hand was born and raised in Brampton, not even 20 minutes’ drive from Oakville, Ont. and Glen Abbey G.C., where he leads by 2 strokes going into the 4th round.

I always thought Mike Weir would be the first Canadian-born champ in the 21st century, but then he went Stack & Tilt after his Masters win…

facepalm statue

and the rest is history…

Go DH!

2 thoughts on “MCS Swing Theory Adds Another Puzzle Piece

  1. bjcooke

    Used to work the Open at Glen Abbey in the 1980s, Oavkille being my hometown.

    Wiersy going Stack n Tilt: yeah. Nuff said.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hometown Oakville, BC? Didn’t know that, though I know you went to U of T… small world!! :-)

      Minor Note: That game I had in setting my high school scoring record – was against Oakville Trafalgar High School – hope it wasn’t your alma mater! ;-)

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