The Problem With Tiger’s Current Swing…

young tiger - bubbaOther than the fact that he’s not even able to play golf right now to due to back surgery, this is the real issue I have with Tiger Woods’ swing model as he currently employs it – it has a different bias from the previous models he’s used, and it seems to me (my opinion from observation, nothing more) that he’s still trying to swing as if he had his original bias.

Follow me here for a minute.  I’ve taken a reverse position of Bubba Watson, who is my current topic of choice (and so many things to discuss when looking at Bubba’s swing, one of my all-time favorites), and put it beside a 16-year old Tiger Woods addressing his ball.

Whatever issues Tiger had with his swing that made him making all those changes from the time he turned pro (and think about it – the kid sets a ton of records winning his first Masters as a pro, and suddenly his swing isn’t good enough?), his address setup was awesome back then.

young tiger - bubba

Look at his position beside the reverse position of the longest driver on the PGA Tour and now holder of 2 Masters titles, one Bubba Watson.  You see that bias to his right side, and how he’s got his spine tilting to the right as well?

That’s not even so much the latest MCS position using the UGS principles, my long-time readers might agree that it’s nearly a “Formula” setup from the New MCS model I developed last summer, Tiger being so far to his right at address…

How MCS is that swing sequence below, I ask you?


Those are two of the subset UGS principles, as you know, and Tiger used these principles to win 3 straight US Am titles and become the youngest ever to win the Masters when he turned pro.

From that position, Tiger had an easy pivot to the top, coiled over the right supporting leg, and he really launched that ball.  I remember his first professional drive in ’96 when he turned pro was 340 yards down the center cut.  Not exactly plunking it.

Tiger in 2011


By the time he was in his last year with Hank Haney, you could see Tiger creeping more to the left in his set-up, but appearing to still want the right bias – and with his latest swing coach Sean Foley (above pic), he’s gone all the way to a virtual S&T bias in his setup.

This is a complete reversal of the way he’s swung his entire life until the last few years.  Not something you’d want to do when chasing Nicklaus’ major record.

tiger-woods-acl-reconstructive-surgeryI’ve always disliked this setup for power swingers because when you keep the weight and bias left, it’s easy to hit wedges because of the steep descent you will get with this model.

It’s virtually impossible however to hit longer clubs (especially the Driver) with any power without really putting stress on the lower back and leading leg and hip.

Believe me or don’t believe me, but Tiger only ever had left knee issues and then began to suffer other injuries (Achilles, neck and now the back) when he began biasing his setup more and more to the left.

So, Sean Foley’s swing model and philosophy – could work for others, but I don’t think it’s a fit for Tiger.

And the injuries are piling up…


Wax Golf Members – Check Out Bubba’s Awesome UGS Principles

Bubba Address vs DJ Watts

I’ve posted something at DJ’s Watering Hole for the Wax Premier Members regarding Bubba’s use of the UGS principles I’ve so far identified.

See how many similarities between Bubba’s setup and mine you can find in the below pic, and head over to the Watering Hole to see if you found all the ones I’ve pointed out.

If I made a video duplicating the MPS “B” video, I could almost use Bubba as the model for all the principles, could I not?

Write them down if you want, but don’t read the posting until you’ve satisfied yourself that you have a few at least.

No cheating!

See you on the other side to compare notes.


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